Styling Size-Up: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Vs. Midsize CUV Competition

Styling Size-Up: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Vs. Midsize CUV Competition

It might be late to a party, though Volkswagen has suggested a three-row midsize crossover that puts adult a clever quarrel opposite other competitors in a segment. At slightest in terms of styling, that is.

While other automakers seem dynamic to incorporate swoops and curves into their crossover designs, VW has combined a rather boxy car called a Atlas. The front finish is squared off with pointy corners, and distinct a competition, a customary LED headlights and grille say a fixed, rectilinear shape. Rivals including a Mazda CX-9 and Toyota Highlander adopt slight headlights, that are now utterly in vogue.

Look during a side of a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, and you’ll notice an surprising impression line that runs from a front to a behind of a vehicle, accentuating a circle arches. Measuring 198.3 inches in length, a Atlas is longer than a Honda Pilot and Highlander though not a CX-9. Its allied in tallness to these rivals, though roof rails give it a some-more jaunty look.

In a rear, a muscular thesis continues. Just like any of a taillights, a altogether figure of a Atlas’ behind finish forms a good and neat rectangle. Like on a CX-9, a chrome frame runs opposite a top apportionment of a trunk. But overall, a figure of a behind many closely resembles a Pilot. The styling is clearly Volkswagen, however.

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Styling Size Up 2018 Volkswagen Atlas v Competition

VW has also denounced a interior, that like a rest of a vehicle, primarily facilities clean, true lines. This thesis can be seen on a dashboard, a rectilinear storage area to a right of a motorist seat, and on a outlines on a chair cushions. The pattern contrasts neatly to a styling of a Pilot and Highlander interiors, that underline some-more liquid lines via a cabin. The interior of a Atlas is purify and simple, but too many buttons and knobs removing in a approach like we could disagree is a box in a Pilot.

Which car do we cruise is a looker of a group: a Atlas, CX-9, Highlander, or Pilot? Of course, there’s also a Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and Dodge Durango to consider. Let us know in a comments below.

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Last week, we took a demeanour during a pattern of a 2017 Honda CR-V. Most commenters were gratified with a new design.

Midosan was a fan: “RefreshingTwenty years of fundamentally a same product and they finally styled a CR-V!”

“Thank God they got absolved of that dual shade disaster! This is a lovely design. The interior is a outrageous improvement,” pronounced melillobm2.

But many people weren’t utterly satisfied. “it wasn’t good looking before and it’s still hideous. Lateral pierce during best,” opined Grant Albrecht Goodman.

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