Study Finds Nissan Leaf Battery Degrades Quicker than Expected

Study Finds Nissan Leaf Battery Degrades Quicker than Expected

The Nissan Leaf is now a best-selling electric automobile in a world. Since a inception, a EV has been powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Early versions of a automobile had a 24 kWh battery, since 2016 and adult models have a 30 kWh version. A new investigate claims a 30 kWh battery degrades 3 times faster than a 24 kWh variant.

Study findings 

Although a investigate has not nonetheless been counterpart reviewed, it has sparked seductiveness via a electric automobile community. Key commentary prove that, after dual years of age, a 30 kWh battery declined an normal of 9.9% percent annually. By comparison, a 24 kWh battery declined 3.1% annually. The investigate concludes by observant a plunge rate of a 30 kWh is too quick to be deliberate normal.

Nissan responds

Shortly after a investigate was released, Nissan’s EV communications manager, Jeff Wandell, responded. 

“Nissan is wakeful that a singular series of business have voiced concerns with a prior era of a Nissan Leaf 30 kWh battery. Leaf owners are some of a many clinging customers. We take their concerns seriously, and have technical experts now questioning a issues raised.”

Nissan has struggled with Leaf battery issues in a past. A class-action lawsuit was filed opposite a automaker for decreased battery ability in 2011-2012 Leaf models. Some posit a issues are due to a fact Leaf batteries are atmosphere cooled, instead of glass cooled. Most other EVs use glass cooling. 

2018 Nissan Leaf has all-new battery design

You’ll note, in his statement, Wandell referred to a 30 kWh battery as a “previous generation”. That’s since a brand-new, 2018 Nissan Leaf has a 40 KWh battery pack. So far, this new container has perceived zero though praise. Its strong pattern gives a automobile a operation of adult to 150 miles. In addition, quick charging can get it adult to an 80 percent assign in 40 minutes.

Whether or not a latest battery will eventually have opening issues has nonetheless to be seen. Right now, a jury is still on a comparison 30 kWh battery as well. The investigate faulting this battery will need to be accurate before it can be taken during face value. 

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