Stock Snapshot: Can Being Green Boost Harley-Davidson (HOG)?

Harley-Davidson, motorcycle, HOG


Harley-Davidson (HOG) shares continued to decrease this week after a company’s quarterly sales fell brief of expectations Tuesday. That led to concerns about full-year income results.

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The batch is down about 7% over a final 5 days and down about 1% in Friday trading.

From a technical perspective, Harley-Davidson batch competence be during levels where a short-term buy after new hits. From a long-term elemental perspective, there are dual things investors should watch: engines and a environment.

Shipments Hamstring a Stock

Harley-Davidson, HOG

Five-day draft of Harley-Davidson (HOG). Green arrow points to gain report. (

The good news came for Harley on a bottom line, where a first-quarter distinction of $1.05 per share surfaced Wall Street estimates of $1.02 a share. But that’s where a good title news flattering many ends.

Quarterly income was $1.33 billion. That’s down from $1.58 billion in a year-ago duration and subsequent accord estimates of $1.35 billion. Perhaps many importantly, motorcycle shipments fell 14.7% from a same entertain a year ago.

Harley did keep a 2017 superintendence of annual shipments constant, presaging it to be prosaic or down somewhat compared with 2016.

On Wednesday, RBC Capital Markets cut a cost aim on HOG to $57 from $60, citing diseased demand, according to It lowered a expectations of 2017 shipments to -2% from no change.

Also on Wednesday, Wedbush cut a cost aim to $52 from $55, observant that operative by a overabundance of indication year (MY) 2016s was “a delayed and unpleasant process,” reported.

A day before, Goldman Sachs validated a Neutral rating on a batch and a cost aim of $54.

So, a batch is flattering many trade around a operation Wall Street says is satisfactory valuation. The batch is many closer to a 52-week high of a small some-more than $62 than a 52-week low of some-more than $42.

Engines or Environment

Harley-Davidson, electric, environment, green, motorcycle

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. (Getty)

The trade operation could simply final until a subsequent gain report, as there aren’t poignant elemental catalysts on a calendar. But longer tenure there are dual moves a association is creation that investors should compensate courtesy to.

Are a new engines Harley-Davidson is touting as a game-changing creation able of bringing in converts?

The Milwaukee Eight is a poignant engine redesign and supplement unrestrained for a opening will be essential for shipments. Whether a new engine will be adequate to get stream riders to trade in their really arguable comparison models is a biggest doubt mark.

Over a subsequent 10 years, a association skeleton to launch 100 new motorcycles and pursue a electric motorcycle project.

Which brings us to this matter in a gain release.

Grow a business though flourishing a environmental impact.

Green might not be a tone many compared with severe and tough Harley, though it’s clearly a government priority.

“Preserving a roving sourroundings is critical to us,” a association pronounced in a many new Sustainability Report. “That’s because we’re building products that residence environmental issues while providing a kind of visceral, no-excuses roving knowledge a business expect.”

“We know there is a clever destiny for a normal products. An electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle is one of a ways we are exploring how to grow a different family of Harley-Davidson riders while assisting safety and replenish a leisure to float in a prolonged tenure proceed to sustainability.”

Translation? We have to safeguard that millennials also buy Harleys.

How does a environmental summary come opposite during a time when a domestic winds are clearly laissez-faire on environmental regulation? Maybe it rubs some normal Harley riders a wrong way, though that could be canceled out by a fact that a bikes are done in America.

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