Scott Fischer Enterprises sells Six Bends, Naples Harley-Davidson



Scott Fischer, boss of Scott Fischer Enterprises, announced a sale of Six Bends Harley-Davidson and Naples Harley-Davidson to TMCFM Inc.

A shutting date was scheduled for Jan. 10.

Scott Fischer Enterprises continues to possess and work a Harley dealerships in New Mexico and California, and will continue to possess and work Top Rocker Field and Events in Fort Myers.

“This has not been an easy decision, though after 30 years of tenure in Southwest Florida, a event comes during an well-suited time to concede me to concentration on other business goals and my personal village foundation. Fort Myers is my home, and we will sojourn in a area and demeanour brazen to elevating my impasse in a village and a causes that we caring about,” pronounced Mr. Fischer, boss of Scott Fischer Enterprises, LLC. “With a clever Harley code behind a Southwest Florida stores and a accomplishments that have been achieved, it’s staid for continued success. TMCFM Inc. have been attention friends of cave for some-more than 30 years, and they possess other top-performing Harley-Davidson stores in a U.S. They move good new energy, passion and a resources of attention experience, and I’m vehement for a opportunities forward for a employees, business and community.”

Scott Fischer Enterprises owns and manages Harley-Davidson stores in California, Florida and New Mexico. Scott Fischer Enterprises and all a Harley- Davidson locations have a clever joining to motorcycle reserve as good as a community. In business for 30 years, they are frequently famous as leaders in their attention and a Harley-Davidson Motor Company. For some-more information, see ¦

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