Saudi women, giveaway to drive, kickstart Harley-Davidson bike chapter

Women are training to float motorcycles in Saudia Arabia


In a bit some-more than a month given women in Saudi Arabia won a ancestral right to drive, a organisation of them is headed out on a highway on not 4 wheels, yet two. 

“We have been watchful a lifetime for this,” pronounced Aliya, an fervent 23-year-old tyro from Jeddah who is set on motorcycling. “Always examination my brothers ride. Now they’re training me.”


Five immature women swathed in their imperative black abayas wander excitedly by a Harley-Davidson store in a country’s collateral of Riyadh, examining a line of classical motorcycles and petty Harley branded t-shirts – a judgment that would have been inconceivable reduction than a year ago.

It is a acquire steer for all a all-male staff during a distinguished motorcycle store, who contend they can’t wait to see women revving and rolling by a Riyadh streets.


“This is for certain going to be growing, we already have had a vast series of ladies seeking about a training and seeking to get a bike,” pronounced Marwan Al-Mutlaq, trade manager during a Harley-Davidson Saudi flagship. “And we have already determined a ‘Ladies of Harley’ Riyadh chapter, so they can go on their possess organisation rides too.”

The section non-stop with 8 first womanlike members – yet they design that series will shortly burgeon. In preparation, a store has acquired a preference of protecting rigging and female-specific clothes, along with selling posters featuring women alongside group on motorcycles, imitative any such sell plcae one competence see in a West.

Marketing materials featuring women accoutre a walls of a Harley Davidson dealership in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 (Hollie McKay )

“We have a simple rigging for women – armored jackets, helmets, gloves, boots and accessories,” Al-Mutlaq added. “But we design there will be a flourishing interest, and we will get a bigger operation as some-more women learn to ride. The many critical thing for now, is women training to ride.”

Harley Davidson wardrobe for women in Saudi Arabia

 (Fox News/Hollie McKay)

Saudi women are solemnly aggregation those indispensable motorcycle skills by weekly gatherings during a Bikers Skills Institute. Set inside a racetrack on a periphery of a collateral city center, and underneath a instruction of an gifted supplement creatively from a Ukraine, an all-female roving category convenes on Wednesday nights.

Dressed in their reserve vests and form-fitting jeans, a women use all from rigging shifts to discerning stops, cone-weaving and U-turns, in a extensive module that costs around $400.

Women’s roving rigging is approaching to boost in entrance months as some-more women learn to float in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 (Fox News/Hollie McKay )

The ladies’ motorcycle lessons started in Feb in a buildup for a new measure, and has captivated medium groups of fervent females. Meanwhile, other women riders told Fox News they have already acquired their two-wheeling skills in a West, or in adjacent Arab countries like Bahrain, Dubai and Jordan.

“Most group are indeed vehement to see a lady pushing here, and roving a motorcycle is a subsequent step,” remarkable Harley’s masculine roving trainer, Mohammed, emphasizing they have an “assimilation” counter set adult in-store where women are acquire to explore.



Male staff and trainers during Riyadh’s Harley Davidson dealership uncover full support of their womanlike counterparts pushing and roving

 (Fox News/Hollie McKay )

The lifting of a womanlike pushing prohibition, announced in Sep final year and implemented on Jun 24, is partial of a unconditional litany of reforms by a desirous immature Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salam, designed to move a genders closer to equivalence – and squish a nation’s undercurrent of eremite extremism.

Some of a initial euphoria of a new-found leisure was eclipsed by a bloat of arrests of women activists who had prolonged lobbied to lift a draconian pushing anathema usually before to it entrance into effect. And even yet a Kingdom’s females are finally inching closer to anticipating their leisure behind a circle – or a stifle – several roadblocks still mount in a way.

Women sojourn firm by safekeeping laws requiring masculine accede to obtain a license. And a customary dress formula of a prolonged issuing abaya is both unreal and inherently dangerous for motorcycle riding. 

 (Fox News/Hollie McKay )

But for now, a immature group of Riyadh’s Harley store contend it’s usually a matter of time before all a kinks are ironed out.

“I will support women to float in any approach we can. I’m ancillary my girl, she has already finished a training and is constantly practicing and holding courses to get better,” Al-Mutlaq boasted of his 19-year-old girlfriend. “She wants an assertive bike – she is formulation on removing a Fat Boy.”


Hollie McKay has been a staff contributor given 2007. She has reported extensively from a Middle East on a arise and tumble of militant groups such as ISIS in Iraq. Follow her on chatter during @holliesmckay

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