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If we could bottle adult sex interest from a engine car, Rolls-Royce could be on march to make a packet from their new Dawn automobile that hits a highway strictly today.

For this super oppulance automobile is arguably a sexiest Roll-Royce ever to strike a highway embracing a loyal ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.

And we was propitious adequate to be one of a initial people on a universe to expostulate a new Dawn before a initial profitable business – from California to Kensington and Shanghai to Abu Dhabi – take smoothness in April.

Rolls-Royce's new Dawn automobile was launched currently and is billed as a tallness of oppulance soft-top motoring

Rolls-Royce’s new Dawn automobile was launched currently and is billed as a tallness of oppulance soft-top motoring

So what is a Rolls-Royce Dawn like? You clarity it good before we step inside and glow adult a absolute engine of a many worldly soft-top limousine in a world.

Its well-spoken and charming lines are so elegantly drawn that they wave we enticingly into a wealthy interior.

And that feeling of expectation is reinforced a impulse your finger-tips hold a uniformly superb fabric timber and steel finishes.

Designed to assistance owners applaud ‘the good life’, it had a central tellurian launch in South Africa’s legendary winelands in a Cape – selected since it is one of a oppulance stadium stops in a epicurean lives of a world’s abounding and famous jet-setters.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is dual cars in one – a gentle though low-slung coupe with a bit of a hot-rod demeanour with a hood up, though a stunningly seductive automobile with a roof down.

From a inside it does not feel too large or unwieldy. It is not during all an intimidating automobile to handle.

In fact, it is scarcely user-friendly and surprisingly easy to drive, nimble to steer, and pleasant to control. It feels lush though there to offer a motorist too.

As an unimportant dark help, satellite-aided delivery ‘reads’ a highway forward and prepares a car’s gears, brakes and set-up in allege for parsimonious bends.

However, be warned. It is not a automobile for timorous violets. You do get a lot of courtesy when you’re behind a circle – quite with a tip down. And we do meant a lot.

I fear that’s not all down to my overwhelming good looks. This automobile is a genuine magnet. Men and women reserve adult to sketch it. It causes a genuine buzz. It’s a shoe-in for a ‘Lynx-effect’ commercial.

Ray Massey enjoys a leather-lined  Rolls-Royce Dawn's rarely crafted interior in South Africa

Ray Massey enjoys a leather-lined Rolls-Royce Dawn’s rarely crafted interior in South Africa

The Rolls Royce Dawn is designed to lift 4 people in comfort though also perform as a driver's car

The Rolls Royce Dawn is designed to lift 4 people in comfort though also perform as a driver’s car

Getting in is a provide with dual far-reaching doors that open a conflicting approach to those on a required car. But entrance is easy for those removing into a back, too – with masses of leg-room in a behind as good as a front.

It’s when we press a ‘start’ symbol to glow adult a engine that a fun unequivocally begins. It will journey absolutely for a bit of promenading that allows we to preen like a peacock and tell a universe you’ve done it.

But as we competence expect, a new Dawn is no slump when we wish or need that additional oomph.

Squeeze down tough on that accelerator pedal and we get an adrenalin-fuelled detonate of appetite from a large 6.6 litre 563bhp twin-turbo V12 engine related to an eight-speed involuntary gearbox.

I was pushed behind into my wealthy leather chair as we was propelled from rest to 62mph in an central time of only 4.9 seconds with tip speed limited to 155mph.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a pleasure on unconditional towering roads though also handles smaller roads and even mud marks with aplomb. 

It’s also an scarcely still automobile for so many energy – either a tip is down or up. Six layers of fabric make it a quietest drophead automobile on a marketplace and concede a roof to redress in 21 seconds during speeds of adult to 31mph.

Inspiration for a new Rolls-Royce comes from a Silver Dawn drophead  of 1952 graphic here

Inspiration for a new Rolls-Royce comes from a Silver Dawn drophead of 1952 graphic here

The new Dawn is built during Rolls-Royce’s boutique bureau on a Earl of March’s Goodwood estate – home of a Goodwood Revival – in Chichester.

Rolls-Royce bosses have turn scarcely influenced by a regretful and even ‘erotic’ impact of their new automobile that carries a Spirit of Ecstasy’ drifting lady mascot atop a noble grille.

They contend a new four-seater 155mph soft-top takes impulse from dual pivotal sources: a Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn drophead coupe of 1952 – of that only 28 were built – and a suggestion and curves of Anita Eckberg and her famous stage in Rome’s Trevi Fountain in classical Federico Fellini film ‘La Dolce Vita’ – celebrating ‘the good life’ following years of wartime and post-war austerity.

But there’s also something of a cheekiness of a possess ‘Good Life’ stars from a TV sit-com of a 1970s –the perkiness of Felicity Kendall as Barbara Good and a despotic hautiness of Penelope Keith’s Margo Leadbeater.

And when it comes to choice of paint, 50 shades of Rolls-Royce is hardly sketch exhale for oppulance car-maker that has a customary palette of 44,000 colours – and can also ideally tradition colour-match to any favourite item, be it a lipstick, dress or even dog.

There is a nearby vast choice of bespoke styling, including a Midnight Sapphire extraneous and splendid Mandarin leather interior for those 4 apart bucket seats. A rotary controller with touch-pad means no unsightly fingerprints on a touchscreen.

Although a kin to a existent Rolls-Royce Wraith hard-top coupe, Rolls-Royce highlight that 80 per cent of a panels on a some-more well-developed soft-top Dawn have been changed. 

The new Dawn is cold and contemporary interpretation of what Rolls-Royce believes a super-luxury four-seater automobile motorcar should be in 2016. And it’s practical. There’s copiousness of room front and behind to lift 4 people in first-class comfort, though compromising on leg-room.

Ergonomically, a automobile has been designed so that a behind passengers do not merely ‘get out’ of their Rolls-Royce Dawn, though it claims they rather mount and disembark as if from a Riva engine launch onto a glamorous private jetty in Monaco or on Lake Como.

Indeed that nautical tie continues with a pleasing horse-shoe made timber panelling during a behind echoes a decking on Mediterranean yachts.

It rises adult kindly like an upturned collar to give a cossetting clarity of insurance to behind passengers. The timber continues down into a automobile like a waterfall, and is also on a front dashboard.

To safeguard aerodynamic excellence, a ideally well-spoken surface, total with an innovative tailored ‘French Seam’ ensures that a atmosphere upsurge over a automobile with a roof adult creates no conspicuous breeze noise.

The opening and shutting of a roof resource has also been combined to be both pleasing and unimportant during a same time. The engineering group even went so distant as to invent a word for what they wished to grasp with a roof mechanism, dubbing it: ‘The Silent Ballet.’ 

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a pleasure on unconditional  roads, says Ray Massey, and can strike 62mph in 4.9 seconds

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a pleasure on unconditional roads, says Ray Massey, and can strike 62mph in 4.9 seconds

The new Dawn has customary 20 in. run-flat tyres with commanding 21 inches as an option. 


Style: Drophead convertible 

Built: Goodwood, Chichester, England. 

Rolls-Royce is owned by German automobile hulk BMW. 

Price: £250,000 

On sale: Now. First deliveries April. 

Seats: Four 

Length: 17.34ft 

Width: 6.39ft 

Height: 4.93ft 

Weight: 2.56 tonnes 

Engine: 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 

Power: 563bhp – (more than 5 Ford Fiestas)

Gears: 8-speed ZF gearbox. 

Top speed: 155mph (restricted) 

Acceleration 0-62mph: 4.9 seconds 

CO2 emissions: 330g/km 

Fuel consumption: 

Average: 19.9mpg 

Around town: 13.2mpg 

Cruising: 28.8mpg 

But it is a bit of a gas-guzzler with normal expenditure during a large 19.9mpg, dropping to 13.2mpg around city though handling 28.8mpg when cruising. CO2 emissions are an equally high 330g/km. 

The name might remove something in interpretation in some markets. 

For some a name Dawn might conjure adult visions of a regretful sunrise, for others it might pound of a famous British comedienne.

Spoken in German it also sounds like ‘Dorn’ – or ‘thorn.’ 

Sat-nav voice commands meant we simply pronounce your end such as: ‘Navigate to St Tropez’. 

There is a 16-speaker hi-fi with entertainment and studio settings and a rotary controller with touch-pad means no unsightly fingerprints on a 10.25 in. high clarification screen. 

The complement recognises European Latin and Arabic characters, as good as Mandarin Chinese and there’s involuntary journey control. 

For reserve there’s a secluded roll-over insurance system, while glare-free LED lighting with electronically tranquil reflectors moves in a instruction of travel. 

There’s a really useful head-up arrangement on windscreen that flashed adult information from speed boundary to warnings and sat-nav directions, and a night feverishness showing complement identifies feverishness from humans and animals and warns a motorist of probable secret risk ahead.

With Britain hardly relocating out of winter into open – both weather-wise and economically – a oppulance UK automobile maker, owned by German car-giant BMW, hold a tellurian launch in a overwhelming vicinity of South Africa’s Cape segment – still celebrating southern-hemisphere summer.

It was centred nearby Stellenbosch, on a prestigious wine-growing Delaire Graff estate, owned by solid businessman Laurence Graff. 

Putting a lives of a super-rich in context, a trinket emporium on a estate featured a 5.3 Carat turn shining cut solid ring carrying a same £250,000 cost tab as a Dawn. 

And that wasn’t a many costly in a jeweller’s shop.

So should we be in a absolved position of a super-rich, carrying £250,000 rattling around, by comparison a new Dawn is a take of Hatton Garden heist proportions. Sadly, we don’t.

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