Roadshow Asks: Harley-Davidson LiveWire — are we shopping one?

Fully tractable Showa suspension, Brembo monoblock stop calipers, 7 roving modes, a single-speed delivery and, many importantly, an all-electric powerplant. These depictions don’t accurately impersonate a normal Harley-Davidson motorcycle. However it will shortly be as Harley-Davidson starts a new section of a story with a introduction of a all-electric motorcycle, a LiveWire.

The strange LiveWire judgment was introduced in 2014, and a prolongation chronicle will arrive subsequent year. Preorders will embark in January.

In fact, this is usually a beginning. Harley-Davidson says it’s formulation to recover a full portfolio of electric motorcycles by 2022.

Harley-Davidson’s incursion into electric bikes is indeed a confidant move. The doubt for we all is, do we cruise a LiveWire and destiny Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles will assistance a long-term destiny of a company? After all, Harley-Davidson hasn’t been in a best financial health as of late.

So, we put it to you: Is this a right pierce for Harley-Davidson? What do we cruise of a LiveWire? Would we cruise spending your possess income on one of these?

Hit a comments section and pronounce your mind, and be certain to import in on a polls next to see where your opinions mount with your associate readers. 

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