ROAD TO F1: Lando Norris’s Bahrain diary

So that night we headed off with a group to watch Disclosure who were personification circuitously since a Team Manager Benn Huntingford is a flattering large fan. We stayed for a while, had a few selfies taken (only only starting to get used to that) yet afterwards motionless that holding a McLaren behind on a highway would be only as fun – well, it would be bold not to. we went to bed a flattering happy male and prepared for a Sprint Race.

Jon, Mark, Benn and Stu will substantially brawl this, yet we consider I’m flattering good during removing to places on time. So it was utterly a singular impulse for me to scarcely skip a driver’s march on Sunday. Was we carrying a pre-race snooze during a behind of a garage. Possibly. Did we make a parade? Yes. Did we have to run? No comment…

Anyway, Sunday was another flattering cold race. We had unequivocally good gait again on a tyres which, as everybody knows, is a essential partial of this championship. we began to follow down Sergio ahead, yet it was transparent that we were matched during that indicate and a stupid pierce would have been reckless. In a finish were means get some-more points in bag and come divided heading a championship which, even yet it’s early days and there’s still a prolonged approach to go, is a good starting indicate and gives us that certainty going forward. 

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