Rimac Teases Second Electric Hypercar Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut in 2018

Twitter/AutomobiliRimacA teaser picture for Rimac’s second electric hypercar, temporarily dubbed Concept Two.

Rimac Automobili has expelled a teaser picture for a brand’s second electric hypercar, that is slated to entrance during a 88th Geneva International Motor Show in Mar 2018.

The Croatian automaker supposing a initial glance of a arriving automobile on Twitter. The heading reads, “Soon to be revealed: The all-new #Rimac hypercar, a loyal diversion changer.”

Though a new hypercar is still heavily secluded in a teaser, a neat conformation can be seen. It also appears to have some-more traditional supercar proportions, presumably bringing to a list an aggressive rear wing, a deeper front splitter and dihedral doors.

Rimac arch handling officer Monika Mikac told Autocar that a arriving electric hypercar will be some-more reward that a automobile company’s initial charity — a Concept_One.

Currently codenamed Concept Two, a arriving automobile will be some-more gentle and luxurious. It will offer aloft opening and some-more range. Despite being bigger in size, it will also lift over a Concept_One’s two-seat configuration.

To note, a Concept_One is already a savage of a automobile with a four-motor electric powertrain that delivers 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (mph) in usually 2.5 seconds and attains a tip speed of 220 mph. The hypercar is also versed with a 90-kWh battery that produces adult to 217 miles of electric range.

Of course, a approaching upgrades meant that a Concept Two will really be some-more expensive. To note, a Concept_One came with a $980,000 cost tag.

Unlike a Concept_One that usually spawned 8 examples, Rimac’s arriving electric hypercar will see a prolongation run of 100 units. Twenty models are approaching to be sole in a initial year, any of that will come with a cost tab of about $1.34 million.

Aside from Manhattan Motorcars in New York, Rimac will open 5 some-more retail locations in a United States in 2018.

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