REVIEW: Odyssey on a query to save a minivan

While crossovers and SUVs have literally taken over a automotive industry, there are still many situations in that minivans play an critical role. 

In fact, there is no improved “efficient” and easy approach to lift mixed passengers and loads of load than minivans, notwithstanding attempts by many automobile companies to deliver minivan-like vast SUVs. Simply put, minivans competence no longer be popular, though they are still a best approach to lift a organisation of people in pinnacle comfort.

And no other minivan is as modern, present and fun to expostulate as a Honda Odyssey – a benchmark indication that delivers world-class opening even if compared to today’s full-size sedans and SUVs.

The Honda Odyssey minivan carries over into 2019 with no vital changes since it was totally redesigned in 2018. Honda’s prolonged using minivan competes with a Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna; not a lot of competitors exist any longer as this is a timorous market. The Honda Odyssey, in any case, is a many eager automobile in a segment, with a startling turn of opening for a supposed family car.


The Honda Odyssey shares a same framework as a Honda Pilot and Ridgeline, and so it is no consternation there are pattern similarities. Showcasing a worldly extraneous pattern – for a minivan anyways – a Odyssey has two-tone 19-inch wheels, swift LED headlamps, a “lightning-bolt” chrome belt line kink, and a low side-swoop imprinted into a side doors.

The interior of a Honda Odyssey is upscale and well-designed, including some innovative features. print Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

The interior is upscale and well-designed with copiousness of room for people and cargo. Specifically, there is a vast space next a centre smoke-stack for large handbags and a centre storage bin can swallow even incomparable bags. There are cupholders everywhere to safeguard all passengers have entrance to hydration. Just as approaching for a minivan, load space is plenty during 4,103 litres (158 cubic feet) when second-row seats are private and third-row seats are flat. The Odyssey seats adult to 8 people simply and in relations comfort.

Truly a family-oriented vehicle, a Odyssey facilities options like CabinWatch, that is an eight-inch arrangement that allows we to guard a second row; CabinTalk, that allows we to promote your voice to a second and third quarrel (so we don’t have to shout); and a Blu-ray Rear Entertainment complement to keep everybody entertained. The How Much Farther app is a child-friendly navigation tracking app that allows passengers to lane a trip’s swell in a fun and witty way. Mess done inside a automobile can be spotless adult immediately if we opt for a built-in HondaVAC opening cleaner, and a upholstery is done of a spill-resistant fabric.

The Odyssey’s How Much Farther app allows passengers sitting in a back to lane a swell of their trip. print Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

As to be approaching in a minivan with a concentration on family, a reserve facilities for a Odyssey are well-developed. Even a many simple trim (LX) comes customary with Honda Sensing, that includes motorist assistance technologies such as Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Collision Mitigation Braking. Because of this and glorious pile-up ratings, a Odyssey has a Top Safety Pick+ and five-star NCAP ratings.


Minivans aren’t a form of automobile we would assume are built for doing and performance. This, however, is no typical minivan, as it delivers a fun-to-drive cause that’s above and over a norm. In fact, as we gathering a Odyssey around city and on highways it was easy to forget that we was pushing a family outpost and not a sports sedan, interjection to a clever V-6 engine and sharp, predicted handling. The 2019 Honda Odyssey comes versed with a 3.5-litre V-6 engine, providing 280 horsepower and 262 foot-pounds of torque. The fuel economy for a Honda Odyssey measures in during 12.6, 8.4 and 10.7 litres/100 kilometres for city, highway and total respectively.

The float is silky well-spoken and, once again, provides a turn of correspondence not seen in a minivan before.

The Honda Odyssey has a worldly extraneous design, during slightest for a minivan. print Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

There are no packages or stand-alone options offered, instead we have 6 trim levels from that we can choose. This includes a LX, EX, EX-RES, EX-L RES, EX-L NAVI and a Touring trim. The initial 4 trim levels come with a nine-speed automatic, and a final dual trims (EX-L NAVI and Touring) come with a 10-speed involuntary transmission. As a LX trim is unclothed bones, we would rarely suggest a trim turn from EX and up.


The 2019 Honda Odyssey starts from $35,290 MSRP for a LX bottom trim, and moves adult to $50,960 for a Touring Trim. The 2019 Honda Odyssey is some-more costly than other minivans in a same class, though a world-class opening and family-friendly options accessible make it a inestimable purchase. Ease of use, loads of space, good doing and lush facilities make a Honda Odyssey a best minivan in a industry, bar none.

Honda has a prophesy to emanate a safer, smarter universe in that people knowledge a fun of mobility. The 2019 Honda Odyssey is a resplendent instance of a consistent of reliability, efficiency, practicality and character for a complicated family. This minivan is so good that it competence even assistance consumers lapse to this marketplace and emanate a direct once again.

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