Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Ford Ranger vs. Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma

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After a seven-year absence, a Ford Ranger has finally returned to a U.S. market. The North American-spec Ranger is formed on a Ranger sole elsewhere, and bears a clever similarity to that recently rested international-market truck. But Ford says a Ranger facilities a pattern singular to this marketplace given a physique panels had to be sourced from opposite suppliers. Whether it looks opposite or not, a Ranger is a acquire further to a segment. But how does it review to a midsize pickup competitors, a Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma? Compare for yourself below.

Instead of adopting a F-150’s front finish look, a Ford Ranger does a possess thing with some-more traditional-looking headlights and Ford’s hexagonal grille. The headlights are accessible with LED lowbeam lamps and come customary with an LED accent frame during a bottom. One thing that sets a U.S.-spec Ranger detached from a tellurian counterparts is a plain steel front bumper. The Colorado gets an equally regressive front end, while a Tacoma competence be a many aggressive-looking of a garland with a angled-in headlights and vast grille that dominates a front fascia.

When noticed from a side, all 3 trucks underline a beltline kick-up during a bottom of a behind doorway window (or behind entertain window in a box of a regular-cab variant)—a styling trend that has turn all too common among pickups. The Ranger has a opening on a front buffer next a A-pillar that helps compute it from a other dual trucks, yet differently all 3 midsizers demeanour flattering identical from this angle.

In back, a Ranger’s taillights pull some impulse from a F-150 with identical LED accents. The aluminum tailgate has a Ranger trademark hammered on a bottom in big, confidant letters, and a buffer is done out of steel only as it is in a front. Similar to a Ranger, a Tacoma has a name engraved opposite a tailgate. Black accents on a tailgate and behind buffer give a lorry a two-tone tone intrigue that helps it mount out from behind. The Colorado is arguably a slightest engaging to demeanour during from a rear, yet afterwards again these are trucks designed to do work initial and demeanour flattering second, and a bed looks organic with Chevy’s bumper-integrated dilemma steps.

The 2019 Ford Ranger’s interior doesn’t go for a corpulent demeanour seen in Ford’s large trucks and SUVs, yet instead adopts a neat and complicated aesthetic, with a lurch that uses silken trim and stitched soft-touch materials. The Ranger can be had with an 8.0-inch touchscreen and Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system, that contingency be where many of a truck’s functions can be accessed as a core smoke-stack has minimal buttons. The Tacoma’s cabin looks rugged, yet we could disagree some tools like a steering circle and instrument cluster are dated. Once again, a Colorado isn’t terribly sparkling from a inside.

So what do we think? Does a 2019 Ford Ranger have what it takes design-wise to plea a Tacoma and Colorado? Tell us in a comments on Facebook!

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