Recall: Honda Odyssey Minivans Shift Into PARK While Driving

Honda recalls 57,000 Odysseys that might presumably need new transmissions.

April 26, 2019 —
Honda is recalling 57,000 Odyssey minivans with transmissions that might change into PARK while driving, with 50,500 minivans removed in a U.S. and 6,500 wanting repairs in Canada.

Low-voltage conditions can means a delivery control units in a 2018-2019 minivans to unexpected reboot and send a transmissions into PARK, deleterious a parking rods and permitting a minivans to hurl divided while parked.

Honda traced a problem to Nov 2017 when a censure was perceived about a minivan that mislaid electrical energy while a Odyssey was being driven, something blamed on lax battery depot connections. The automaker updated public line procedures to safeguard a depot connectors were tightened properly.

In Feb 2018, Honda perceived a initial explain of a minivan changeable to PARK while being driven in Mexico, afterwards in Mar a second identical censure came in from a U.S.

The automaker non-stop an inner review and in Apr and May perceived dual some-more claims about Odyssey minivans that shifted into PARK while driven, with both reports entrance from a U.S. market.

The review indicated voltage levels were too low and causing a delivery control units to reboot, forcing a transmissions into PARK while a minivans were moving.

Honda hypothesized a problem occurred during shipping of a minivans given a infancy of a claims were detected during pre-delivery inspections. However, some-more reports arrived and one of those reports valid zero occurred during shipping and doing of a Odyssey.

In Jan 2019, Honda updated a delivery control section program during mass prolongation so a transmissions shifted to NEUTRAL instead of PARK when a control units rebooted. Engineers finally reliable low-voltage conditions occurred when both condenser fans activated, causing a delivery control units to reboot.

Although no crashes or injuries are associated to a problem, Honda has perceived 10 guaranty claims and 53 margin reports about a Odyssey delivery problems.

The Honda Odyssey delivery remember will start in a U.S. Jun 1, 2019. Honda dealerships will determine a battery depot connectors are secure and technicians will refurbish a delivery control software. In addition, Honda will reinstate a delivery if a parking rigging doesn’t work correctly.

Odyssey owners in a U.S. might call 888-234-2138 and impute to remember numbers Z4J or Y4K. If we possess an influenced Honda Odyssey in Canada and have questions, call a automaker during 888-946-6329. has complaints from drivers of Honda Odyssey minivans.

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