“Rational Discourse is Gay”

Anal Trump, Rob Crow’s not-so-secret partnership (under pseudonyms) with Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan, forsaken their manuscript The First 100 Songs around Joyful Noise on Election Day. It facilities selections from any of their prior EPs and 30 new songs, including marks such as “Rational Discourse is Gay,” “Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists,” and “Harriet Tubman is, Like, a 3.” Released on CD and colored vinyl with a silk-screened B-side, it includes 3 unreleased EPs: Thoughts, Prayers, and The Golden Age of Willful Ignorance. The organisation combined their possess fundraising Super PAC, with a idea of “supporting organizations that make Trump shit.” Donation rewards are claimed (though not confirmed) to embody a $10,000 package featuring all 100 songs from a manuscript pulpy onto 100 particular one-inch records.

Andy Robinson, who specializes in personification acoustic instruments like a towering dulcimer and kalimba, landed an publicity understanding with Louson Drums. Based in Pittsburgh, a family-owned association manufactures a wearable cajon drum with a removable outmost trap complement and tractable sound hole cover that Robinson will be promoting. Robinson’s many new manuscript Andyland was marketed with a array of unpretentious performances during area yard sales and barter meets.

Scheff and Lifeson around Youtube screenshot

Point Loma High grad Jason Scheff, who spent over 30 years with strike appurtenance Chicago before withdrawal that rope dual years ago, achieved a contingent of Rush songs with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson on Oct 28. The set was partial of a 11th annual Scott Medlock-Robbie Krieger Gold Classic All-Star Concert to advantage St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during a Saddlerock Ranch. Scheff took on Geddy Lee’s drum and outspoken tools for renditions of “Limelight,” “The Spirit of Radio,” and “Freewill” that can be found online.

The Professor and his robot

The initial of 20 associated arriving releases from Professor B. Miller (aka SDSU English Department alumnus Michael Buchmiller) and his Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, a Stop By a Supermarket EP, debuts Nov 24 with a singular live opening during Lestat’s. As always, a Professor will be accompanied only by his homemade drudge SPO-20, whose vocals are synthesized regulating a selected Windows XP program. EP strain titles embody “Shopping List,” “Shelf Space,” “Expiration Date,” “Price Check,” and “Paper or Plastic?”

Planet B, featuring Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian of the Locust, expelled a video for their new singular “Crustland,” featuring Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs), taken from their self-titled entrance full-length due Nov 23.

Soul thespian Andra Day, who recently seemed during a Newport Jazz Festival, has a new singular called “Amen” (released around Warner Bros. Records) that can be listened in an ad debate for Genesis G80.

Spanish organizers of subsequent summer’s Resurrection Fest forsaken As we Lay Dying from a lineup due to disastrous recoil over returning frontman Tim Lambesis, who served jail time over a murder-for-hire tract opposite his disloyal wife.

Singer-guitarist Richard Filaccio has a new lo-fi stone single, “My Deconstruction.” His early ’80s rope Puppies has enjoyed new popularity, or during slightest infamy, after Jimmy Fallon spotlighted a long-gone though fondly-recalled rope on a Tonight Show, in a Do Not Play shred that featured both an manuscript cover and a apportionment of a strain “Cat Food,” that a residence rope played with Questlove on vocals.

Due Jan 18 around a internal Redwoods Music label, a arriving sophomore manuscript from Dani Bell a Tarantist, Wide Eyed, will competition cover design by John Gourley of Portugal. The Man. A video for a lane “Mystery” debuted this week on a Glide Magazine website.

Hideout expelled their initial new strain given 2017, “Picture Falling,” that was also shot as a video, co-directed by a song’s guest vocalist, Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly.

Scott Mathiasen’s arriving solo manuscript Boxcar Road (due in December), facilities him personification all guitars, bass, harmonica, and doing vocals, with co-producer Rene Montes covering drums. .

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