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An empty-nester and former Infiniti owner, my hermit is looking for a new car. “I wish something sporty, upscale, and fun-to-drive. I’m meditative coupe,” he told me, seeking for recommendations.

Naturally, a 2018 Infiniti Q60 was one of a vehicles we mentioned to him. He desired his first-generation G35 (which he traded for a Ford Fusion Energi and carpool line entrance when his employer eliminated him to California), and he unequivocally likes a demeanour of a latest Q60.

Besides, there aren’t many cars to select from in a Q60’s segment. It competes opposite a Audi A5 and S5, Cadillac ATS, BMW 4 Series, Lexus RC, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Trade excellence for undisguised performance, and we can toss a Chevrolet Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger SRT, and Ford Mustang GT into a mix.


Gorgeously rendered, a 2018 Infiniti Q60 is a pleasing oppulance foe coupe.

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Prices for a Infiniti Q60 start during $39,945. That cost provides a Q60 2.0t in Pure trim, versed with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. At a tip of a Q60 lineup is a Red Sport 400 with accessible all-wheel drive, that runs $68,425 with each factory-installed option.

My exam automobile was a easily furnished tweener. A Q60 3.0t with a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine, it had Sport trim, rear-wheel drive, and a bottom cost of $49,295. Add all 3 accessible choice packages, and a set of bright entrance flog plates, and a final total rose to $57,045 (including $995 for finish and doing charges).

Having now spent a week with Infiniti’s stylish coupe, a automobile clearly has copiousness going for it. But in a integrate of critical areas, shortcomings forestall it from rising to a position of supremacy in a tiny yet unusually rival class.

Design: 9.3 rating


Deep sculpturing, normal Infiniti pattern cues, and voluptuous empty outlets make it easy to disremember a Q60’s singular controversial styling element: a neatly creased and pointed behind fender corners.

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The best thing about a Infiniti Q60 is a styling. Perfectly representing Infiniti’s stream pattern language, a Q60 is fluent and elegant, in my opinion a usually automobile in a shred to both vividly and attractively grasp these traits simultaneously.

Inside, Infiniti offers thespian detailing for a Sport and Red Sport 400 trims. Both offer abounding semi-aniline leather in a Graphite color. Additionally, high-contrast Monaco Red and Gallery White are available, and all 3 hues are interconnected with a black dashboard and carpets as good as white stitching and Silver Optic Fiber trim. The outcome is a luxurious, artistic cabin that creates a automobile feel estimable of a cost we paid.

It helps that a materials secrete quality. From a soft-touch element on a glove box doorway to a plush reward leather, padded spots for fresh legs, fabric wrapped roof pillars, and a demeanour and feel of a controls, Infiniti creates a Q60’s owners feel special each time he or she slips into a car.

And that’s accurately what someone shopping a sporty, upscale, fun-to-drive coupe is seeking.

Comfort: 7.0 rating


Front chair occupants will be unusually gentle in a 2018 Infiniti Q60.

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Not usually will a motorist and front chair newcomer revelry in luxury, they’ll be unusually gentle in sport-bolstered seats charity 8-way energy composition and accessible heating. Hot weather, however, will have Q60 owners wishing for a ventilated chair option.

Drivers informed with a prior Q60, and a aged G35/G37 coupes before it, will feel right during home behind a steering wheel. You lay brazen in a cabin, tighten a windshield, formulating an insinuate environment for critical drivers intending to rivet in some critical driving.

Front passengers suffer an open, airy, and atmospheric feeling. The sculpted dashboard is distant divided and a windshield pillars are comparatively thin. Together, it creates a automobile feel expanded and provides a ideal place to suffer a rousing and scenic drive.

Like a competition, a Q60’s behind chair space is cramped. Kids and short-statured adults can fit, yet anyone remotely deliberate to be high will have their conduct right adult opposite a behind window glass.

Controls: 8.0 rating


Though versed with a dual-screen infotainment system, tangible communication with a Q60’s displays is minimal during daily driving.

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Every Q60 has a dual-screen infotainment system, and once you’ve got a several settings involuntary a approach we wish them, communication with a screens is sincerely limited.

Most of a time you’re expected to expostulate with a navigation map arrangement on a tip arrangement and a radio arrangement on a bottom display. A control doorknob with a handful of by-pass buttons resides on a core console, usually in box we need to entrance something aside from a navigation map by a tip display.

Dual-zone meridian controls are built buttons on possibly side of a bottom display, that takes some removing used to. Infiniti also provides a volume doorknob and tuning buttons for a radio; I’d cite a doorknob for a latter, too. Climate and stereo controls have a matte finish, while others are rendered in glossy shimmer black, that can make them harder to discern and use, depending on reflections.

Instrumentation is housed within a deeply hooded binnacle. Two large, well-marked, no-nonsense gauges yield engine rpm and speed detail, and they’re distant by a slight motorist information complement arrangement that provides a motorist with serve automobile settings and data.

Steering circle controls are easy to know and use, yet it is rather peculiar that Infiniti doesn’t embody a flat-bottom steering circle for this car. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Also, should a mood strike, a switch on a core console allows a motorist to toggle between a Q60’s opposite pulling modes.

Utility: 3.0 rating


Restricted space and a high liftover make it formidable to bucket luggage into a Q60’s trunk.

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What’s blank from a Q60’s cabin is unsentimental storage space. Aside from a crater holders, there isn’t much. No matter that of a customary storage spaces we select to use, they furnish beating with their size, shape, or accessibility.

The box is no treat, either. The liftover tallness is high, creation it formidable to bucket complicated items. And it measures usually 8.7 cubic feet, that isn’t even twice that of a Mazda MX-5 Miata.

While it’s loyal that a box will reason a integrate of full-size suitcases, maybe with duffle bags or a mantle bag on tip of them, make-up for a 2-person highway outing is expected to need wrestling with your luggage. And anything some-more will need to float in a luxuriously upholstered behind seat/cargo shelf.

Technology: 8.0 rating


A tuning doorknob for adjusting radio stations would be a acquire serve to a Q60, yet generally vocalization a InTuition infotainment complement is easy and, umm, discerning to use.

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Infiniti’s InTouch infotainment complement is customary in each Q60. In bottom Pure trim, it lacks a reward sound system, navigation, and InTouch subscription services. To entrance those upgrades, Luxe, Sport, or Red Sport 400 trim is a requirement, to that buyers supplement a Sensory Package with a navigation complement and extra-cost services.

My exam automobile had all of these features. The 13-speaker Bose Performance Series audio complement tender me, and as we indicated formerly once you’ve got a InTouch infotainment complement all set adult a approach we wish it, motorist communication with a touchscreen displays is sincerely minimal. All that’s unequivocally blank here is a radio-tuning doorknob to go along with a radio volume knob.

I did, however, have a bit of difficulty with a voice approval complement when regulating it to module an address. we did not yield a state first, so a complement did not find a residence we wanted (even yet we total a state during a end).

As distant as additional Q60 record is concerned, a car’s program is mostly associated to a prolonged list of motorist assistance and collision deterrence features, discussed in a subsequent section.

Safety: Not Rated


Kids can fit into a Q60’s behind seat, yet a taller they are a reduction happy they’ll be. Crash-test ratings are not accessible for this 2+2 coupe.

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Crash-test ratings for a Infiniti Q60 are unavailable, and given a low-volume inlet of a car, contrast is doubtful to occur soon. That’s because we haven’t rated a Q60 for safety.

What we can tell we is that Infiniti reserve a prolonged list of motorist assistance and collision deterrence systems that can assistance we to equivocate an collision in a initial place. You usually need to ascent from Pure trim to get them, and to a twin-turbocharged V6 engine for a active versions of several of them.

The initial package is called ProAssist. It installs a predictive brazen collision warning complement with walking showing and brazen involuntary puncture braking, as good as a blind mark monitoring system, behind cross-traffic alert, and behind involuntary puncture braking. It also reserve front and behind parking sensors, a 360-degree surround-view camera system, and a Moving Object Detection system.

If that’s not enough, a twin-turbo versions of a Q60 are accessible with a ProActive choice package. It includes adaptive journey control with stop-and-go technology, stretch control assist, a blind-spot involvement complement that actively resists an vulnerable line change, and a line depart warning complement with line depart impediment and line centering assist.

Choose a ProActive Package, and a Q60 ditches a normal steering for Direct Adaptive Steering, that has no earthy tie between a steering circle and a steering gear. It’s like a wireless controller for a video pulling game, usually better.

The ProActive Package also adds adaptive headlights with involuntary high-beam operation, pre-crash front chair belts, an upgraded meridian control complement with atmosphere filtration and purification, and something called Eco Pedal that artificially restricts accelerator responsiveness in sequence to maximize fuel economy.

Given that you’re shopping a twin-turbocharged oppulance foe coupe, my theory is that we could caring reduction about Eco Pedal.

Power and Performance: 6.5 rating


In 3.0t state of tune, a Infiniti Q60’s twin-turbocharged V6 is creation usually 300 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque.

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Infiniti redesigned a Q60 for a 2017 indication year. It transposed an aged car, yet one that was still viscerally gratifying and immensely fun to drive. In a process, Infiniti stepped adult excellence levels, yet we fear that some of what done a aged Q60 so appealing has been mislaid in translation.

In 3.0t guise, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 is substituted in for a aged VQ-series 3.7-liter V6. It creates 300 horsepower during 6,400 rpm and 295 lb.-ft. of torque between 1,600 rpm and 5,200 rpm, reduction energy yet some-more turn than a aged routinely aspirated V6.

You’d pattern more, right? we mean, a Cadillac ATS Coupe is versed with a customary single-turbo 2.0-liter 4-cylinder defeat adult 272 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. That, apparently, is where a Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 comes in, that takes a Q60 3.0t’s engine and tunes it to broach 400 hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque.

In any case, a Q60 3.0t is a discerning car. Power is not a problem here. But a engine note is hardly clear when you’re regulating tough on a favorite behind road. Generally speaking, drivers of oppulance foe coupes are awaiting some-more auditory rendezvous than they’ll get from this vehicle, and Infiniti loyalists are really looking for an engine and empty concerto.

A 7-speed involuntary delivery is standard, powering a behind or all 4 wheels. It has paddle shifters, Downshift Rev Matching, and program that learns your pulling styles and adapts to it.

Sounds many like a aged FM-platform 7-speed automatic, doesn’t it? Well, it certain doesn’t act that way. The downshift rev relating reminds me of a invariably non-static transmission’s attempts to impersonate what Infiniti had formerly mastered. And a paddle shifters paint a poignant hillside from a long, slender, steel paddles of a previous-generation car.

Furthermore, a delivery became really confused during testing. While sportive a automobile on a towering road, we had to stop tough to equivocate a depressed rock. Once past a hazard, we did not resume my eager driving, yet it took a few moments for a drivetrain to comprehend this. As a result, a delivery hold revs for distant too long, creation too many racket.

Imagine if we were pulling with spirit, encountered law enforcement, and slowed your hurl usually to be given divided by a automobile unrelenting on gripping engine revs unnaturally high. Not good.

Six pulling modes are available: Eco, Standard, Sport, Sport+, Snow, and Personal. we cycled between a initial four, with predicted impact on a Q60’s liveliness. The Eco Pedal duty enclosed in a ProActive Package fast becomes an irritant, yet a motorist can overrule it simply by pulling harder on a accelerator.

The EPA says that a Q60 3.0t with rear-wheel expostulate should get 22 mpg in total driving. My exam automobile returned 20.9 mpg on my exam loop, and given a volume of time it was in Sport or Sport + pulling mode, I’ll give it a advantage of a doubt.

However, there is no denying that a latest Q60 simply isn’t as beguiling to expostulate now that a commander can no longer discern a sonorous stifle blips and raspy empty note that lent a strange a poignant volume of character.

True, a Sport Exhaust Kit is accessible for a Q60, commissioned by an Infiniti dealership, yet a cost tab is about $700 before factoring in a cost of installation. With a aged Q60, we didn’t need to spend some-more in sequence to obtain a racy-sounding empty note.

Ride and Handling: 8.3 rating


Unexpectedly, a Q60 has 57% of a weight sitting over a front axle. That’s too many for a rear-drive automobile that competes opposite some of a best-balanced cars on a market.

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Infiniti reports that a Q60’s weight placement is 57:43, that puts some-more weight over a front spindle than is customary of a rear-drive oppulance sports coupe. Nevertheless, this imbalance doesn’t seem to negatively impact a car’s handling, yet we might have been dreaming by a transmission’s function and a exam vehicle’s Direct Adaptive Steering to notice.

All Q60 models are versed with Active Trace Control, that automatically adjusts engine torque and a braking complement to raise a car’s cornering capabilities. Choose a Sport trim level, and Infiniti serve equips a Q60 with rack-mounted electrically assisted steering. Add a ProActive choice package, and a Q60 swaps that out for Direct Adaptive Steering.

Direct Adaptive Steering, according to Infiniti, eliminates a earthy tie between a steering circle and a car’s front tires. Driver inputs are digitally processed adult to 1,000 times per second, and Infiniti claims a record now communicates feedback from a highway aspect and vehicle, eliminates neglected steering feel such as kickback, and reduces fatigue.

All this might be true. And there is no doubt that 5 years after Infiniti debuted a initial Direct Adaptive Steering system, a record is many improved than it used to be. However, it still feels a small bit like a video diversion controller in your hands, with synthetic heft and on-center disconnectedness as a automobile comes to a stop.

No matter that pulling mode we selected, a circle never felt totally healthy in my hands. Simply put, it usually isn’t as enchanting as a best of a normal electrically assisted systems. And it isn’t preferable to a old-school hydraulic steering Infiniti used in a prior Q60.

In serve to steering modifications, Sport trim brings upgraded brakes, summer opening tires mounted to singular 19-inch aluminum wheels, and a invariably non-static Dynamic Digital suspension.

As is loyal of a Direct Adaptive Steering, cessation tuning is contingent on a comparison pulling mode. In a Standard setting, we suspicion a automobile exhibited too many physique suit on undulating pavement. In a Sport+ setting, we suspicion a automobile was too organisation and unyielding. Therefore, my favorite environment for a infancy of my pulling was Sport.

Braking components are excellent. The Q60 Sport facilities 4-wheel ventilated discs, with 4-piston front calipers rapacious 14-inch rotors and 2-piston behind calipers clamping 13.8-inch rotors. Pedal modulation is intuitive, response is instantaneous, and a brakes are unusually effective. What’s more, on a day with temperatures in a mid-70s, they suffered no blur during all underneath steady duress.

From a pulling dynamics perspective, we consider that enthusiasts and Infiniti loyalists will wish to hang with a Q60 3.0t Sport’s customary steering, expostulate a automobile in Sport mode, skip regulating a paddle shifters, and supply it with a dealer-installed Sport Exhaust Kit.

Still, there’s no elucidate for a volume of highway sound creation a approach into a cabin, one aspect of a prior Q60’s pulling knowledge that is really unwelcome.

Our Recommendation


Without a automobile or 5-door sportback physique style, a Infiniti Q60 lineup is contingent on a fascinating pattern and automatic farrago to pull business to showrooms.

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Last time my hermit and we talked cars, he wanted to know some-more about a Kia Stinger. He’s a income guy, and he knows a good value when he sees one. Plus, he’s a do-it-yourselfer, and a thought of folding behind seats and a induce is appealing to him.

Among a Infiniti Q60’s normal competitors, a Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe offer identical Stinger-style alternatives to people seeking sporty, upscale, fun-to-drive cars. The Audi and BMW are also accessible as convertibles, along with a Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Infiniti used to offer a Q60 convertible, yet doesn’t anymore.

So where does that leave a Q60?

From my perspective, styling is what sells this car. From a approach it looks on a outward to how it feels on a inside, pattern is a Q60’s strongest trait. Fortunately for Infiniti, J.D. Power information demonstrates that styling is one of, if not a many critical cause when people confirm that new automobile to buy.

Total Vehicle Score: 140/190 points

Overall Vehicle Rating: 7.4

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