QOTD: How Do You Manage a North American Hyundai-Genesis …

Kia Stinger Genesis G70 - Images: Genesis, KiaYesterday, TTAC lonesome news of a launch of a second-generation K900 indication in a United States during a arriving New York International Auto Show and Mobility Conference. Upon deliberation a K900 and a intensity for success, some questions arose about a 3 opposite badges on offer from a Hyundai-Kia conglomerate, and what we competence do with them.

Where does Hyundai go from here?

This doubt of branding was spurred on and stretched by a tweet from an Internet Person, who suggested Kia indispensable a oppulance code with that to offer high-end models like a K900 and Stinger — a Genesis of a own. That would leave Hyundai-Kia with four brands on North American shores, all opposed for their possess slices of a sales pie. Does a fourth marque make sense? Would Kia have improved success with a apart oppulance brand?

Or are 3 brands only a right amount? One competence disagree that oppulance offerings from Genesis concede Hyundai to try into a aloft finish of a market, picking adult sales it would differently miss, utilizing oppulance entries that have their categorical determined sales bottom in South Korea. The Kia code is afterwards giveaway to offer different, alternative-type vehicles (Stinger, Soul), despite but a same turn of poke as Genesis. This doesn’t seem like a long-term answer, for both marketplace enlargement and volume reasons.

Perhaps a culling is in order. All offerings from Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia are variants of a same thing — a physique character here and a height there, utilizing a same components opposite brands. The evidence could be done for some kind of a merger, Datsun-Nissan style. All Hyundai and customary Kia vehicles are joined into Hyundai. The remaining Genesis lineup receives any before Kia vehicles that are over a certain cost point. Consolidate dealers, make a product offerings simpler, save Hyundai income during a finish of a day. Any enthusiasts of Kia fast modify to Hyundai enthusiasm.

Expansion, continuation, or contraction: that is best for Hyundai-Genesis-Kia?

[Image: Kia/Genesis]

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