PowerSteering: 2018 Toyota Camry Review


People competence be customarily in midsize sedans nowadays, yet that doesn’t meant that a finish redesign undertaken for a 2018 Toyota Camry isn’t a useful occasion. Indeed, this automobile is Toyota’s many vicious sedan, and removing it right is vicious to a nameplate’s continued success.

Toyota wanted to make a latest Camry some-more enchanting to drive, and rebate tedious to behold. At a same time, though, a association indispensable to reserve what people favourite about a prior Camry, while improving in those areas where owners were dissatisfied.

To establish how successful a redesign is, we evaluated a Camry Hybrid SE versed with an infotainment complement upgrade, a blind mark monitoring complement with behind cross-traffic alert, a energy sunroof, an auto-dimming rearview counterpart with a compass, a concept garage doorway opener, building mats, a case mat, and a protecting behind fender strip. The cost came to $33,989, including a $895 finish charge.

What Owners Say

Before we plead a formula of a analysis of a redesigned Toyota Camry, it is useful to know who bought a prior chronicle of this Midsize Car, and what they favourite many and slightest about their Camrys.

Compared to all Midsize Car buyers, Camry owners are some-more mostly women (43% vs. 39%) and are rather rebate abundant in terms of median annual domicile income ($86,833 vs. $88,919). The median age of a Camry owners is a same as a Midsize Car owner, during 56 years.

Ownership sentiments of Camry buyers mostly align with those of Midsize Car buyers. However, notwithstanding a fact that Toyota has built a Camry in Georgetown, Kentucky for scarcely 20 years, buyers of this indication are rebate expected to determine that they cite to buy a automobile from a domestic association (42% vs. 48%).

Additionally, Camry owners are rebate expected to determine that their friends and family consider of them as someone who knows a good understanding about autos (54% vs. 59%), that they like a automobile that offers manageable doing and absolute acceleration (83% vs. 87%), and that they like a automobile that stands out from a throng (62% vs. 68%).

Owners news that their favorite things about a prior Camry were (in brazen order) a engine/transmission, interior design, pushing dynamics, extraneous styling, and seats. Owners infer that their slightest favorite things about a prior Camry were (in brazen order) a storage and space, prominence and safety, meridian control system, infotainment system, and fuel economy.

What Our Expert Says

In a sections that follow, a consultant provides his possess perceptions about how a Toyota Camry measures adult in any of a 10 categories that contain a 2017 APEAL Study.


Two versions of a 2018 Camry are for sale: mild, and wild. For a some-more regressive appearance, select a L, LE, or XLE trim levels. For a some-more fluent appearance, a SE and XSE await.

Personally, my favorite of Toyota’s 2018 Camry lineup is a XLE. It has a some-more regressive styling total with a vast set of aluminum wheels. The exam car, however, came with SE trim. To make certain everybody knows it is a sporty Camry, it has a gaping black beak of a filigree grille, oversized unnatural atmosphere intakes adult front and slivers of feign atmosphere vents on a behind fascia, magisterial rocker row extensions, a behind spoiler, a behind diffuser panel, and feign twin empty tips.

Will this attain in sketch some-more people to a Camry, or will it repel buyers seeking a quieter approach? We will have a information by a finish of a summer of 2018.


Owners desired a prior Camry’s interior, that creates Toyota’s thespian depart divided from a ample and ethereal sourroundings in a aged automobile rather questionable.

In terms of materials, a new Camry breaks no new ground. Nicer top surfaces are equivalent by cheaper reduce surfaces.

In terms of design, a new Camry is dramatically different. The dashboard is done to concentration on a driver, and Toyota employs some-more complicated trim and detailing as good as a flush infotainment aspect in many models.

In terms of layout, a new Camry’s orchestration is easy to anxiety and a controls are discerning to use. You’re going to find what you’re looking for, where we pattern to, and it will work a approach we wish it to.

In terms of space, a new Camry feels smaller inside, yet in existence is customarily rather incomparable than a automobile it replaces. we can’t unequivocally comment for a disproportion in perception, solely to contend that for me it existed.

Overall, people will expected find a new Camry’s interior some-more appreciative than before, that means Toyota softened on an already good thing.


According to Camry owners, seating could mount from some improvement. I’m unconvinced that any advance was done on this front.

The front seats are comfortable, and any includes a tallness adjuster as customary equipment. However, we can't get ventilated front seats or exhilarated behind seats in any chronicle of a Camry. A exhilarated steering circle is also unavailable.

The behind seats miss support, and legroom feels tighter than in a prior Camry, even if central measurements do not bear this out. The backrest is pointed to foster slouching, too.

Entry and exit infer difficult. First, a Camry sits reduce to a belligerent than it used to, that means that a seats do, too. The rebate in seating hip indicate means we are some-more expected to sound into a automobile and to grunt when removing out of it.

Furthermore, a SE and XSE embody flared rocker row trim. It is easy to drag your leg opposite this trim when removing into and out of a car. If a trim is unwashed (which it is, many of a time), your garments will also get dirty.

Clearly, there is room for alleviation on a comfort front.

Climate Control System

Given a clarity and morality of a aged Camry’s meridian control layout, complaints contingency have associated to a effectiveness. Unfortunately, during a week of testing, temperatures ranged from a low 60s to a mid-70s, so conjunction a heating nor a atmosphere conditioning systems indispensable to work overtime.

Nevertheless, Toyota has not leveraged opportunities to urge meridian comfort in a form of ventilated front seats, exhilarated behind seats, or a exhilarated steering wheel. Also, some-more pointing is required to work a new Camry’s meridian controls. Additionally, a miss of behind atmosphere vents in my roughly $34,000 exam automobile constructed complaints from my children about being too hot.

Given these oversights, we do not expect any improvements in compensation on this front.

Infotainment System

Several opposite infotainment systems are offering in a new Camry, possibly as customary or discretionary apparatus depending on trim level, engine selection, and other pre-requisites. Most versions of a automobile in dealership batch are expected to be versed with a complement in my exam car, an Entune 3.0 setup with a flush-mounted shade and dual-zone involuntary meridian control.

The complement is comparatively elementary to know and use, yet we had difficulty reckoning out how to span my phone to a Bluetooth connection, that is frequency an emanate for me (hint: we don’t select “Phone”).

It took a few days to acclimate to a volume and tuning knobs for a radio, too, that are built and located to a top left of a arrangement screen. At first, we kept regulating a meridian system’s heat adjustments.

If we wish Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your subsequent new car, we can cranky a new Camry off of your list. It is not available. Instead, we get Entune App Suite, that provides entrance to comparison renouned smartphone apps right from a arrangement screen. Give it a try and see if we like it before we buy it.

A connected navigation app is also enclosed with many versions of Entune. Just bond your smartphone around a USB port, and a navigation app runs off your information devise to assistance we get to where we need to be.

Upgrades embody a JBL reward sound system, Qi-compatible wireless device charging, and an embedded navigation system, a latter accessible giveaway of assign for 3 years and customarily offering in cars with a V6 engine.

Ultimately, a Camry’s infotainment complement is decent if not category leading. It is faster to bucket and respond than it used to be, and it looks some-more complicated and worldly than before. But during a same time, it’s not as comprehensively featured as what many competitors offer.

Storage and Space

Owners of a prior Camry were rather indifferent to a volume of storage and space a automobile offered. In a new Camry, a core console storage bin is huge, and that’s where a regard ends.

If you’re looking for places to accumulate your things, remaining spots destroy to impress. The doorway row bins are not really big, and while there is a silver box on a reduce left side of a dashboard and a tray underneath a wireless charger, conjunction is vast or lined to relieve quivering and noise. The glove box isn’t really big, either.

Around back, a new Camry’s case is smaller than before, too. In fact, during 15.1 cubic feet, it’s smaller than many midsize sedans. The difference is a Camry Hybrid. Revised battery wrapping means that a hybrid drivetrain’s components no longer land on case space, so this chronicle of a automobile sees alleviation on this front.

Another missed eventuality is that Toyota does not yield a hoop or a container that allows an owners to pitch a case sealed though putting his or her hands on a external of a lid. Trunk lids are customarily dirty. People don’t wish to hold them. The Camry needs a hoop or container to promote this.

Visibility and Safety

Thick behind roof pillars emanate prominence problems when reversing from angled parking spaces. Otherwise, external prominence from a Camry’s driver’s chair is fine, aided by vast door-mounted mirrors and a customary reversing camera.

Toyota includes countless motorist assistance and collision deterrence systems as customary equipment, too. They embody adaptive journey control, brazen collision warning with walking detection, involuntary puncture braking, line depart warning with line gripping assist, and involuntary high-beam headlights.

A blind-spot monitoring complement with behind cross-traffic warning is offering for comparison versions of a car, as good as Safety Connect services including involuntary collision presentation and puncture assistance. A 360-degree fringe scanning complement is also an option.

In crash-test assessments, a new Camry receives a top probable ratings in all collision tests, as good as in other evaluations associated to rollover resistance, headlight performance, and palliate of regulating a LATCH anchors.

Clearly, a 2018 Camry is one of a safest midsize family sedans we can buy.


Three opposite engines are accessible in a 2018 Camry. A 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is standard, a new pattern for 2018 interconnected with a new 8-speed involuntary transmission. It offers an glorious mix of power, performance, and efficiency, and is a vast alleviation over a prior Camry’s 2.5-liter 4-cylinder. we rarely suggest this engine and transmission.

A 3.5-liter V6 engine creation some-more than 300 horsepower is an choice in a Camry XSE and XLE. So equipped, a 2018 Camry is strong quick. This engine choice also creates a Camry one of a few cars in a category to still offer a V6 engine. Like a customary 4-cylinder, a V6 employs an 8-speed involuntary transmission.

My exam automobile had a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain. Installed in a Camry LE, it includes a some-more worldly lithium-ion battery. In a SE and XLE, it uses a proven nickel steel hydride battery. Packaging improvements meant that Camry Hybrid buyers no longer contingency settle for application compromises in sell for improved fuel economy.

I found a hybrid drivetrain’s total 208 horsepower satisfactory, and a additional oomph from a torque-rich electric support engine done a automobile sharp-witted when accelerating divided from a stop and when flitting slower vehicles. In a Sport pushing mode, a Camry Hybrid felt officious responsive.

A invariably non-static delivery is enclosed for Camry Hybrid models. It is pretty refined, droning customarily on occasion, such as when accelerating to join fast-flowing trade on a freeway. The SE trim’s paddle shifters are ineffective.

Owners can also select Normal, Eco, and EV pushing modes. The infancy of my contrast was conducted in Normal mode, that competence explain because my fuel economy outcome was a disappointment.

Fuel Economy

According to a EPA, a 2018 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid should get 46 mpg in total driving. My exam automobile returned 38.3 mpg on my contrast loop, and after a week and some-more than 600 miles of driving, I’d gotten no improved than 39.9 mpg as an average.

On a one hand, facilely achieving 40 mpg from a family automobile is impressive. On a other hand, Toyota asks a $4,300 reward for a hybrid powertrain in a Camry SE. At 46 mpg, that starts to make sense, even in a marketplace where gas is as inexpensive as it is today.

At 40 mpg, that’s a most worse sell.

Driving Dynamics

While engineering a new Camry, pushing dynamics was one area where a association wanted to see a vast improvement. According to J.D. Power data, owners already favourite a approach a Camry drove. Changing this could have disastrous consequences.

The good news is that a Camry’s energetic tuning improvements are a success. From a steering and a hybrid model’s regenerative braking complement to a car’s float and doing traits, a 2018 indication is a best Camry to expostulate in history.

My SE Hybrid exam automobile wasn’t too stiff, and it really wasn’t sloppy. Toyota has dialed in customarily a right volume of float correspondence to keep people comfortable, and customarily a right volume of suit control to rivet pushing enthusiasts. The outcome is a automobile that glides down a road, grips good in corners, and is a pleasure to steer.

You’re doubtful to enter a Camry in a weekend lane event, yet you’re also doubtful to tumble defunct behind a wheel.

Final Impressions

From a thespian new styling to a all-new platform, a new 2018 Camry is a intensity people pleaser. Yet, as poignant as redesign as this is, Toyota might not have left distant enough.

Missed opportunities to get a leg adult on a foe could bushel a car’s appeal, and some wrapping compromises could make a new Camry a tough sell as competitors are also redesigned.

In short, Toyota should have strived even harder to emanate a segment-busting product. Instead, aside from a reserve ratings and a guarantee of mythological Toyota reliability, a new Camry’s competitiveness can too simply be called into question.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. granted a automobile used for this 2018 Toyota Camry review.

For some-more information about a exam motorist and a methodology, greatfully see a reviewer profile.

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