Pot plants, oppulance cars seized in Lewiston-Auburn raids

Law coercion agents take plants out of a building Tuesday morning on Lincoln Street in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

LEWISTON — A Lewiston male was charged with pot trafficking and production butane crush oil following a array of raids by state and sovereign law coercion officers in Lewiston and Auburn on Tuesday morning.

Richard “Stitch” Daniels, 52, was charged in U.S. District Court in a rapist censure that alleges a drug trafficking classification in Lewiston-Auburn grew and distributed vast quantities of pot underneath a cover of Maine’s medical pot program, though sole pot to buyers who were not participants in a module and enclosed out-of-state customers.

The coercion movement involving pot is a third in reduction than dual months by U.S. Attorney Halsey B. Frank, whose boss, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions repealed an Obama administration process that pronounced a sovereign supervision would not pursue pot possession cases in many circumstances.

Late final month, Frank announced that a Bangor male pleaded guilty to sovereign charges associated to a vast marijuana-growing operation in a Waldo County city of Frankfort. On Feb. 16, an Etna male pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to conspiring to manufacture, discharge and possess with vigilant to discharge marijuana, also in Frankfort.

Early in January, Frank had responded to questions about either his bureau would change a proceed to enforcing sovereign laws opposite pot possession and use by observant that while such cases have not been a priority, he couldn’t contend that would continue.

In Maine, both medical pot and recreational use by adults over 21 is legal, nonetheless state officials are still operative out a sum on how to umpire sales of recreational marijuana. Frank’s matter did not yield most clarity for medical pot businesses that are already operating, or for a rising marketplace for recreational marijuana, that has a intensity to be a multimillion dollar attention in Maine.

Frank pronounced in Jan that growing, distributing and possessing pot is bootleg underneath sovereign law and “my pursuit is to make sovereign law, not countermand it.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office pronounced some-more than 20 hunt warrants were executed in Tuesday’s raids, including during a home on Danville Corner Road in Auburn and during a room during 1830 Lisbon St. in Lewiston. Agents seized over 50 kilograms of pot – roughly 110 pounds – 6 mason jars filled with butane crush oil, and a kilogram of shatter. Daniels’ garage contained a butane crush oil laboratory, authorities said.

State and sovereign law coercion agents accumulate Tuesday morning during a residence on Danville Corner Road in Auburn. Among a cars towed from a home were a Lamborghini Huracan, valued during tighten to $200,000, and a late-model Nissan GT-R, valued during about $175,000. Sun Journal/ Andree Kehn

At a home on Danville Corner Road, officers could be seen prepping mixed cars for towing, including a Lamborghini Huracan, valued during tighten to $200,000, and a late-model Nissan GT-R, valued during about $175,000.

According to city records, that skill is owned by Brian Bilodeau, an achieved pledge golfer and a unchanging aspirant in a Maine Amateur.

Bilodeau is a principal owners of Brian Bilodeau LLC, that is listed as a association that does business in automotive re-sale and as a caregiver, according to state records.

The classification also grew pot as a predecessor to production pot concentrates famous as butane crush oil and shatter, a product done from butane crush oil, officials said.

Daniels was systematic hold though bail Tuesday afternoon by Judge Magistrate John Rich, who set a bail and illusive means conference for Friday morning.

Daniels, shackled and dressed in a black T-shirt and black pants, pronounced small though indicated he might wish a new lawyer.

He was represented during a conference Tuesday by Neal Stillman, though Daniels told Rich he wants a counsel who “specializes” in his form of case.

If convicted, Daniels faces adult to 20 years in jail and a $1 million fine.

At a warehouse, officers were seen pier creatively pulled pot plants outward a building only after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The skill is owned by 1830 Lisbon Street LLC. According to city records, a principal owners of that association is Timothy Veilleux of Auburn.

Law coercion officers raise pot plants Tuesday morning outward of a room on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Marijuana plants also were taken from a building during 555 Lincoln St. in Lewiston and built on a receiving wharf outside, and during a garage during 17 Bridge St., also in Lewiston, where they were piled in a driveway. The garage is permitted by a private highway tucked between houses located during 13 and 19 Bridge St.

The Lincoln Street business – Ben Alpren Machine Tool – also is owned by Veilleux. The garage on Bridge Street is owned by Comvest Inc., another association owned by Veilleux.

Veilleux was convicted of swindling to possess 3.95 kilograms of heroin with a vigilant to discharge in 1990. He after appealed his 100-month judgment to a U.S. Court of Appeals, that inspected a sentence, including a $15,000 fine.

In 2000, Veilleux was convicted of unfinished control in Androscoggin County Superior Court and fined $100. A year later, he was convicted of a same assign in Lewiston District Court.

Bilodeau has no rapist record, though he does have a array of pushing convictions, including speeding in 2014 and 2017, dual philosophy of disaster to arrangement current registration image and handling a engine car with a newcomer who had an open enclosure of alcohol.

A check of city annals showed that in Sep 2016, a city released an electrical assent to Tim Veilleux to supplement 1,000-amp use for a three-room medical pot trickery during 1830 Lisbon St.

Three months later, a same residence perceived a change-of-use assent from a city for pot cultivation and processing.

In May 2017, Veilleux perceived another city assent to supplement 54 240-volt outlets and 48 120-volt outlets there.

In Dec 2015, a city postulated 17 Bridge St. a change-of-use assent for medical pot cultivation that listed Tim Veilleux as a skill owners and Gregory Pelletier as a applicant.

In another change-of-use assent released in Jun 2016, again for medical marijuana, Brian Bilodeau was listed as a caregiver applicant.

The review was conducted by a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; a Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigations; a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; a FBI; Maine State Police; and a Lewiston, Auburn, Windham, Biddeford and Scarborough Police departments, authorities said.

According to city of Auburn permits, 230 Merrow Road perceived a assent in Aug 2015 for a $95,000 plan to emanate a grow room inside an existent building.Officers from a Maine State Police, a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and a Internal Revenue Service were concerned in a raids.

Eric Cousens, Auburn’s emissary executive of mercantile and village development, pronounced Tuesday that there has been a “substantial increase” in medical pot flourishing operations over a past few years.

Marijuana caregivers are compulsory to benefit state licenses, though that information is trusted and a full list of operations is not common with internal municipalities, that Cousens pronounced is “frustrating” for a city.

What a city is wakeful of, he said, is that between 30 and 40 permits for building, electrical or plumbing have been pulled in Auburn for medical pot growing, though a city does not know either they are protected caregivers.





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