Photo Comparison: BMW 8 Series Convertible vs Aston Martin DB11 Volante

It’s surprising to review a BMW and an Aston Martin, as a dual brands frequency contest with one another. However, with a new BMW 8 Series, a Bavarians finally have a automobile good enough, and reward adequate (sorta), to contest with James Bond’s brand. Now that we’ve seen a new 8 Series Convertible, it’s closest opposition from Aston would be a DB11 Volante.

Yes, a DB11 V8 Volante ($198,000) is utterly a bit some-more costly than a 8 Series Convertible ($121,000), so a dual cars aren’t unequivocally going to be cross-shopped. However, a 8er ‘Vert in M850i-guise is indeed some-more absolute and faster than a V8-powered DB11. So we can consider of a 8 Series a poor-man’s DB11, if we can call something that costs $121,000 a poor-man’s anything.

But a all critical doubt — that one looks better?

Personally, I’m a outrageous Aston Martin fan. we venerate a code and roughly all it does. But a DB11 is one of my slightest favorite Astons ever. There’s only something about a pattern that doesn’t pronounce to me a approach a comparison Henrik Fisker models did, like a DB9 and V8 Vantage. Yet, even this DB11 is improved looking to my eye than a 8 Series Convertible.

In profile, a 8 Series is a large automobile yet a DB11 is pretty. It’s well-spoken and robust and sexy, while a 8er is only assertive and sporty. There’s no doubt, a 8 Series Convertible is a stunner. Right adult until an Aston pulls adult along side it.

From a front, a Aston has all a classical GT pattern cues. The top indicate of a hood is during a wheels, where it swoops down toward a front. That gives it a robust and charming look. And that classical Aston grille only looks so good, all a time, while BMW’s Kidney Grilles are only removing incomparable and angrier.

Out back, a Aston wins again and it’s by an even incomparable margin. The approach we can see a hips gush out and afterwards fist in, like a rubbish line of a indication in a dress, is only fantastic. Also, a taillights work themselves around a built-in decklid spoiler, that adds a three-dimensional demeanour to them. The behind finish of a 8 Series is indeed one of a improved looking tools and it does have a really good looking rump. It’s only no compare for a Aston’s prettiness.

Where a Bimmer nails back, though, is inside. While Aston’s have always had wonderful, bespoke feeling cabins, a DB11’s looks cheap. That steering circle looks like it could have been pulled from a KIA and a digital driver’s arrangement looks even worse. Also, a Mercedes A-Class wiper stalks demeanour a bit cheap. While a 8 Series’ cabin is lovely, looking both sporty and elegant. It’s a unhappy day when a BMW’s interior is higher to an Aston Martin’s, in terms of design. The peculiarity in a Aston is, admittedly, superb, yet a pattern and blueprint are large misses.

Overall, though, a Aston Martin DB11 Volante is a improved looking car. It’s some-more exciting, prettier and some-more outlandish looking. The BMW 8 Series Convertible is a good looking GT automobile and will be a jaw dropper everywhere it goes. But when as Aston Martin pulls adult alongside it, a heads are going to spin in a instruction instead. They should, deliberation how most some-more a Aston costs, yet they will nevertheless. For my money, though, I’d take a 8 Series, interjection to a improved interior and improved opening and I’d keep a additional $80,000 and buy a used Aston Martin DB9 with a six-speed manual.

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