One Guy Wants to Swap an Alfa Romeo Twin-Turbo V6 Into a Fiat 124

Eddie Clark, who goes by Pistons Petrol on YouTube, was documenting his upgrades to a 1.4-liter turbo engine in his Fiat 124 Abarth when disaster struck. The MultiAir valve-lift system failed, radically withdrawal Clark with a paperweight of an engine. But instead of sourcing another 1.4-liter for his car, Clark motionless to do something some-more extreme—swap in a 505-hp twin-turbo V6 from an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Shown above: An artist’s digest of a swap.

This will not be a elementary job. Clark records that simply wise a engine and transmission—a six-speed primer from an Italian-market Giulia Quadrifoglio—will be a large challenge. Driveline components will need to be upgraded to hoop a poignant boost in energy and torque as well. Clark says he wants to try to balance a engine for adult to 700 hp, yet he admits he wouldn’t indispensably wish to expostulate it in that balance all a time.

New 2.9 twin turbo V6 for a 124. We only doubled a banishment 🙂 #abarthspider #abarth124spider #124 #fiat #fiat124spider #giulia #quadrifoglioverde #giuliaquadrifoglio

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And that’s before we get into electronics. Because mechanism controls in complicated cars are so complex, it’s impossibly formidable to get a non-OEM drivetrain to work like it’s from a factory. To make a Chevy LS3-swapped V8 Miata a reality, Flyin’ Miata had to put a ton of bid into removing a engine to speak with a rest of a bureau Mazda electronics—and that automobile still doesn’t have traction control.

There’s an easier approach to get 500-plus-hp from your Fiat 124, too. Since a 124 is more-or-less a current-generation Miata underneath a skin, Flyin’ Miata offers turn-key V8 acclimatisation kits for this Fiat. But Clark says he didn’t wish to do another LS-swapped car. To a knowledge, no one has pressed a Giulia Quadrifoglio engine into a Fiat 124 (or a Miata, for that matter).

If this all works, Clark will have something truly singular and definitely absurd. That V6 is a beast in a larger, heavier Giulia—it would expected be a demonstration in a little Fiat. We demeanour brazen to saying how this build progresses.

Click here if we can’t see a video above.

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