On a Road Review: Audi A5 Sportback

Drivers compelled to transport east-west in Maine will find few approach routes that accomplish what a north-south widespread network can – quick, undeviating driving.

Yet there are many reasonable farming roads that can infer utterly rewarding to commander when we have a correct automobile to feat a undulating, rambling tarmac that exists divided from suburbia.

The all-new Audi A5 Sportback is one such automobile that a motorist cunning find for this form of travel.

Equipped like many each Audi – next-generation Quattro all-wheel expostulate related to a dual-clutch, seven-speed involuntary delivery – a A5 marries cessation correspondence with movable doing to emanate pushing bliss.

Passengers won’t criticism a towering gait given they are comfortable, relaxed. The driver, meanwhile, is exploring a glorious steering feel, a accurate cornering grace, and a torquey outlay of a tried-and-true 2.0-liter turbo-four that populates many an Audi/VW engine bay.

Like a kin A4 on that this five-door is based, a A5 Sportback is a framework and pushing personality among a entrants of premium, compact-class sedans.

Five-door, we say? Why, yes, a new A5 is no longer usually a coupe and automobile series. This Sportback indication embraces a energy liftgate instead of a trunk, to give Audi buyers another choice in stretchable cargo-carrying before jumping into a crossover.

Actually a parasite shorter than a A4, and roughly a feet smaller than a mid-size A6, a A5 Sportback’s svelte form and vast grille are both suggestive of a most incomparable A7, that debuted a fashionable five-door physique character several years ago. This A5 is not coincidental.

Pricing starts during $42,600, pound dab in a core between a A4 and A6, with Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige a 3 accessible trim levels. Buyers can also opt for a 3.0-liter

The turbocharged V-6 packs 354 hp, 102-hp some-more than a turbo-four, while bending to an 8-speed automatic. EPA estimates for a Premium representation were 24/34/27 mpg, with a satisfied 28.7 mpg after 900 miles of mostly really soppy tumble driving.

This is a initial year that Audi has alien a A5 to America, where we have grown lustful of a A5/S5 coupe and convertible. A5 sales, however, have roughly doubled this year with a further of a Sportback, cementing a corporate preference to supplement another choice into Audi’s extended automobile lineup.

Hits and misses: Audi Connect Prime, with on-board Wi-Fi hotspot and Google Earth connectivity for mapping and trade updates will find mass appeal; a discretionary Virtual Cockpit (part of a pricey Premium choice cluster, $7,600) will dazzle with a selectable displays in a core lurch as good as in a instrument cluster; a expanded load reason underneath a energy liftgate creates a A4 sedan seem out-of-date and staid, generally if your load is of an unconventionally vast size.

That elongated area of potion will transparent itself during highway speeds, though until that point, we will wish a A5 also came with a back wiper. And while many pundits revelry in a fit and finish of Audi’s interiors (among a industry’s best) it’s value mentioning that a outrageous core console’s flank, that interacts with a driver’s right leg, is a tough aspect that should be padded.

Acceleration seems muted, usually given it is so smooth, though your quickness is indeed utterly swift.

Cruising during 75-mph, a tachometer displays 1,600 rpm, equaling a still cabin with a powertrain that can change dash with a pointed tingle of your foot. Plying some recently paved Western Maine routes easterly of U.S. Route 26 cunning have concerned a fractured law or dual as a Audi tender with a stability, control, and substantial competence.

While buyers have practiced to alpha-numeric nomenclature by Audi and other reward brands, a look, feel, and comfort of these cars stays unchanging via a lineup. Equipped with energy sunroof, LED lighting all around, power-heated seats adult front, and a reasonable apartment of electronic reserve aids, a A5 will feel informed to constant Audi fans, and also stir buyers looking to pierce up.

Pricing in this shred has changed adult neatly given 2010. Yet calm is being driven by reserve advocates, consumer preferences, and a competition, so a total weight, complexity, and cost of these vehicles is reflected in rising transaction prices.

We wish what a Audi provides, we contingency design to pay.

Audi continues on a prohibited beef in this market, with multiple-year gains over prior sales levels.

Only Subaru is doing improved surpassing sales gains in a U.S. For perspective, Audi is outselling Volvo and Lincoln – total – and is chasing Lexus as a No. 4 offered reward marquee in this market.

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