On a pursuit with… Harley-Davidson Museum

For a past decade, Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Museum has given motorcycle enthusiasts and novices an in-depth demeanour during a iconic code and a singular culture.

With special exhibits trimming from drag racing to Evel Knievel, and a permanent collection featuring a world’s final remaining 1909 Harley-Davidson and a bike that Elvis Presley bought in a early 1950s before signing his initial record understanding with Sun Records, a museum offers something for everyone.

Behind a scenes, a group of curators and historians keep a bikes and concomitant repository entirely restored. They also combine with Harley-Davidson Inc.’s corporate office.

Sometimes, a bikes are used for print shoots. Other times, engineers operative on a Harleys of tomorrow demeanour behind during a engines of yesterday to see what worked, or what didn’t.

Over a subsequent several months, a organisation during a Harley Museum will be subtly transforming a exhibits to give guest a new knowledge as a museum celebrates a 10th anniversary this summer and Harley-Davidson Inc. celebrates a 115th anniversary over Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Bill Rodencal, lead museum restorer/conservator, replaces a buffer strut on a world’s usually 1909 Harley.
  2. Rodencal uses a forklift to mislay a bike from storage. Harleys are rotated in and out of a open collection.
  3. Rodencal fits an armature on a 300-pound engine that will eventually be hung on a museum wall for open display.
  4. Jeff Mitchell, exhibits technician, secures engine mounts for an arriving exhibit.
  5. Leigh Albritton, registrar, measures a plans for a 1941 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead engine that will be profiled.
  6. Tim McCormick, communications projects manager, and Kristen Jones, curatorial and exhibits manager, demeanour during X-rays from Evel Knievel.

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