On sale now, a all-new 2018 Audi RS 5 coupe joins a Audi Sport indication line

The all-new 2018 RS 5 coupe builds on a birthright and success of a initial generation, delivering even some-more performance, a polished pattern and bland usability. As a newest indication in a Audi Sport lineup, a RS 5 Coupe is on sale now.

Featuring a newly grown 2.9-liter V6 TFSI® biturbo engine and an eight-speed Tiptronic transmission, a RS 5 coupe melds potency and high levels of opening with a full-bodied RS sound. As with any automobile that bears a RS badge, a RS 5 coupe includes motorsport developments and technologies that consolidate a Audi Sport pointer “Born on a Track. Built for a Road.” New for 2018, a high-performance coupe delivers benchmark infotainment such as a accessible Audi practical cockpit and modernized motorist assistance systems including customary Audi pre sense® city and accessible adaptive journey control with Traffic Jam assist.



The all-new 2018 RS 5 facilities a newly grown 2.9-liter V6 TFSI® biturbo engine, that compared to a naturally-aspirated V8 predecessor, delivers some-more power, and weighs 68 pounds less. The 2.9-liter V6 biturbo engine generates 444 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, 126 lb-ft of rise torque some-more than a before generation, and it is accessible between a extended operation of 1,900 and 5,000 rpm. As a result, a RS 5 can scurry from 0 to 60 mph in a class-leading 3.7 seconds, 8 tenths of a second faster than a before era RS 5, and grasp a tip line speed of 155 mph, or increasing to 174 mph with a discretionary Dynamic and package.

Similar to a S5 coupe V6 engine design, any of a dual turbochargers on a 2.9-liter engine of RS 5 are positioned directly inside a “V” and beget a max buildup of 21.5 PSI. This compress pattern ensures softened engine responsiveness and performance. As for intake, a Audi valvelift complement (AVS) changes a generation of a valve opening depending on a stifle and engine speed. To assistance boost engine potency and power, a V6 engine uses a mainly mounted fuel injector and a explosion routine with shorter focus and longer enlargement phases. This allows for a aloft focus ratio of 10.0:1, offer improving a engine’s potency and permitting for incomparable energy and torque delivery.


The energy of a biturbo engine flows by an eight-speed Tiptronic smoothness with self-locking core differential that focuses on high levels of opening and acceleration. A traction control complement manages chain for limit acceleration with minimal slip.

The customary quattro® all-wheel expostulate offers high-precision doing by active torque chain to both axles. In unchanging pushing situations, a complement delivers 60 percent of a torque to a behind spindle and 40 percent to a front. However, when needed, energy can be redirected to a conflicting axle, with adult to 85 percent of torque to a front and adult to 70 percent to a behind axle.

The customary quattro® competition behind differential with RS-specific tuning offers a energetic pushing knowledge by actively bursting torque between a wheels of a behind axle, with a ability to approach scarcely all accessible behind torque to one wheel.


The RS 5’s newly grown front and behind cessation allows for both a sporty pushing knowledge and some-more peaceful float for prolonged distances. The redesigned front five-link cessation with lightweight construction offers incomparable steering pointing and softened doing by optimized steering-rack chain approach during circle centers. With a customary RS competition suspension, a RS 5 coupe sits 7 mm revoke than a S5 Coupe. RS competition cessation and with Dynamic Ride Control, that uses steel springs and tractable dampers that are connected to one another around erratic oil lines and a executive valve, is also available. When cornering during speed, a valves umpire a oil upsurge in a startle absorber of a deflected outward front circle roughly immediately. This increases a support and reduces representation and hurl movements to urge a vehicle’s altogether pushing dynamics.

Drivers can customize their pushing knowledge by a customary Audi expostulate name complement that offers 4 graphic expostulate modes: comfort, auto, energetic and individual. Each mode allows a motorist to adjust a quattro competition differential, energetic steering, and energetic float control (if equipped), in serve to being means to change rigging change points, steering and stifle response. Handling is also softened by RS-specific programming for a Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) section with wheel-selective torque control and an accessible competition mode. Also as partial of a Audi expostulate name system, both with a customary RS empty complement and with a accessible RS Sport exhaust, a motorist can control a opening and shutting of a empty flaps in sequence to hear some-more of a empty sound.

Available RS-tuned energetic steering offers a non-static steering ratio that adjusts formed on automobile speed and a Audi expostulate name setting. At aloft pushing speeds, energetic steering helps to urge straight-line stability, and during revoke pushing speeds, a some-more approach steering ratio is used to assistance boost steering response for easy maneuvering. Additionally, singular to RS models, when in energetic mode, energetic steering thatch a steering ratio during 13.5:1 for a unchanging response.


Two stop systems are accessible on a new Audi RS 5 coupe, both charity superb interlude performance. RS steel brakes with cross-drilled discs and six-piston front stop calipers in black or optionally embellished red, both featuring a RS heading are customary on a RS 5. Also accessible are CO ceramic front brakes (as partial of a Dynamic and package) that offer weight assets and higher interlude energy compared to a normal steel brakes. The front and behind calipers on a carbon-ceramic brakes are embellished in gray and underline a RS logo.


The pattern of a new RS 5 Coupe draws impulse from a particular racing sum of a Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO. The wave-design shoulder line underscores a athleticism of a coupe and a flared box fenders yield cues to a customary quattro® all-wheel drive, in serve to widening a physique by 15mm on any side. At a front, a Singleframe® grille with a signature quattro book is wider and agree than a A5 Coupe and incomparable atmosphere intakes in a revoke fender offer a engine’s need for cooling. Additional sporty accents on a behind embody an RS-specific diffuser, vast oval “RS” empty pipes, and a rear-lip spoiler.

Additional extraneous pattern sum include:

  • Standard 19-inch, 10-spoke-star pattern fake wheels with 265/35 summer opening tires
  • Auto-dimming, heated, energy folding extraneous side mirrors
  • Power sunroof with lean and slip functionality
  • Standard full LED headlights with LED daytime using lights and LED taillights with energetic spin signals
  • RS extraneous elements including matte alu-optic extraneous counterpart housings, matte alu-optic front spoiler with quattro script, high shimmer black side sills and behind mouth spoiler, and wider front and behind fenders
  • Available Black ocular package that includes 20” 5-arm-trapezoid pattern fake wheels with bi-color anthracite finish and 275/30 summer opening tires, a high shimmer black extraneous pack with quattro book and extraneous side mirrors in a automobile physique color, or accessible 20” 5-arm-peak pattern milled and fake wheels in bi-color anthracite black matte finish with 275/30 summer opening tires


Similar to a S5 Coupe, a RS 5 facilities a Audi brand’s hallmark wing-design wrap-around dashboard with driver-oriented interior with easy-to-operate controls and functions. From a S competition seats with RS embossing, flat-bottomed, seperated leather RS competition steering circle and rigging shift, and immaculate steel pedals, a RS 5 Coupe is a sports automobile with a high grade of bland practicality.

The all-new RS 5, while charity superb performance, also integrates benchmark technologies including customary Audi smartphone interface, that provides Apple CarPlay™ and Google™ Android Auto formation for concordant mobile devices, accessible Audi practical cockpit and full tinge head-up display.

Additional interior highlights include:

  • Flat-bottom three-spoke multifunction competition steering circle with RS badge and lengthened change paddles
  • Heated, 12-way, contrariety solid stitched leather/Alcantara® S-sport seats with RS embossing, and energy side bolsters and massage function
  • Available Fine Nappa leather seats with honeycomb contrariety stitching and RS embossing
  • Aluminum, bright doorway sill inlays with RS 5 logo
  • Stainless steel footrest and pedal caps
  • Standard three-zone involuntary meridian control with digital behind display

Additional infotainment facilities include:

  • Available Audi practical cockpit features a 12.3-inch arrangement that delivers colourful tinge during 60 frames per second with NVIDIA® quad core estimate power. Specific to a RS 5 is a shade that displays information on tire vigour and heat (when versed with a Dynamic and package), torque, horsepower, and g-forces. Additionally, when in primer change mode, a tachometer becomes a change indicator with a colored credentials that prompts a motorist to upshift around a steering circle paddle or selector level.
  • Available full-color head-up display projects applicable pushing information directly in a driver’s margin of vision, in serve to an RS specific mode that displays oil temperature, path times, and a change indicator
  • Available Audi MMI® navigation and with MMI touch features a totally redesigned menu structure and an all-new MMI search, that operates identical to an Internet hunt engine creation calm submit simpler.
  • Standard Audi smartphone interface for concordant devices, that provides Apple CarPlay™ and Google™ Android Auto formation around USB connection, creation smartphone interactions easier for a driver.
  • Available Bang Olufsen® Sound System with 3D sound featuring 19 speakers able of producing 755 watts of pure, frail sound.

Audi connect®

Audi connect® packages together all applications that assistance bond a automobile with a internet, a owners and a surrounding infrastructure (active subscription required). Improved functions embody online trade info, continue updates, fuel prices, Apple Siri® Eyes Free formation for concordant devices, internet radio streaming as good as design navigation, read-aloud personalized news headlines and Twitter® alerts, among other features.

Available in-car Audi connect® CARE facilities include:

  • Online roadside assistance and use interlude notification
  • Automatic Crash Notification (SOS)
  • Manual Emergency Call (SOS)
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator

The Audi connect® mobile focus has also been updated to support new remote services designed for a U.S. marketplace that embody Curfew, Speed, and Valet Alerts, remote tighten and clear capability and online automobile finder.


The RS 5 coupe includes many accessible modernized motorist assistance systems that are designed to assistance drivers navigate a highway and trade with increasing confidence.

Driver assistance systems include:

  • In a box of an imminent collision, standard Audi pre sense® basic can meddle to assistance ready a automobile for impact. This routine includes commencement to tighten a side windows and breathtaking sunroof, and pretensioning a front reserve belts.
  • Standard Audi pre clarity city helps detect cornering and still vehicles as good as pedestrians, during speeds of adult to 52 mph and can trigger full braking when a intensity collision is detected.
  • Standard Audi side assist provides blind mark monitoring around LED indicators on a extraneous counterpart housings.
  • Standard rear cranky trade assist (as partial of Audi side assist) supports a motorist when reversing out of a perpendicular parking space. Indicator arrows in a MMI® arrangement can surprise a motorist of coming vehicles, and in vicious situations, a warning tinge and stop jar can be applied, call a motorist to stop a vehicle.
  • Standard Audi pre clarity rear helps guard a trade following a automobile and takes identical actions to Audi pre clarity basic.
  • Available adaptive journey control with stop go and traffic jam assist helps say a set stretch from a automobile in front, and brakes and accelerates as needed. Between 0-40 mph, trade jam support combines acceleration, braking and steering guidance, that can revoke a highlight of pushing in undiluted traffic.
  • Available traffic pointer recognition can detect speed boundary and displays a information in a Audi practical cockpit or motorist information system.
  • Available Audi active line assist observes line markings and can yield peaceful steering circle warning vibrations if it’s dynamic that a automobile is coming a corner of a line but signaling, and can expostulate motorist behind into their lane
  • Available high lamp assistant automatically switches between high and low lamp to assistance furnish a right light for a specific conditions and helps boost prominence for a driver. The high-beam can be switched off when coming vehicles are detected.


Pricing Detail:

Model year 2018 RS 5 Coupe starting manufacturer suggested sell prices:

*Prices above bar $975 end charge, taxes, title, options, and play charges. Dealer sets tangible price.


For some-more information, greatfully visit www.audiusa.com.

Class heading 0-60 mph explain formed on aspirant information accessible during time of publication. Audi of America, Inc., defines a rival shred as a 2018 Audi RS 5 coupe, 2018 BMW M4, 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 Coupe, 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S Coupe, 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 and a 2017 Lexus RC F models.

Always compensate clever courtesy to a road, and do not expostulate while distracted.

Top line speed electronically singular in U.S. Obey all speed and trade laws.

Tires are granted and fitting by their manufacturer. Summer High-performance tires are designed for best opening and doing in comfortable climates. They are not suitable for cold, snowy, or icy continue conditions. If we expostulate underneath those circumstances, we should supply your automobile with all-season or winter tires, that offer softened traction underneath those conditions. We advise we use a endorsed winter or all-season tire specified for your automobile or a equivalent. These high-performance tires also might have a revoke aspect ratio that aids opening and handling; however, in sequence to equivocate tire, rim, or automobile damage, it is critical that a acceleration vigour is frequently checked and confirmed during best levels. Please also remember in creation your preference that, while these tires broach manageable handling, they might float reduction absolutely and make some-more sound than other choices. Finally, these tires might wear some-more fast than other choices.

Audi Navigation and depends on signals from a worldwide Global Positioning Satellite network. The vehicle’s electrical system, and existent wireless and satellite technologies, contingency be accessible and handling scrupulously for a complement to function. The complement is designed to yield we with suggested routes in locating addresses, end and other points of interest. Changes in travel names, construction zones, trade flow, points of seductiveness and other highway complement changes are over a control of Audi of America, Inc. Complete minute mapping of lanes, roads, streets, fee roads, highways, etc., is not possible, therefore we might confront discrepancies between a mapping and your tangible location. Please rest on your particular visualisation in last either or not to follow a suggested Audi navigation and route.

See Owner’s Manual for offer details, and critical stipulations about MMI touch.

Not all Audi smartphone interface facilities accessible on all handling systems. Standard calm and information use rates apply. These facilities need concordant device, handling system, and mobile apps. See mobile device and app providers for terms and privacy. “Android, Android Auto, Google Play, and other outlines are trademarks of Google Inc. “Apple CarPlay” is a heading of Apple Inc.

Connect PRIME services are optional, might need an additional subscription with apart terms and conditions, and should be used usually when it is protected and appropriate. Trial or paid subscription required. Connect PRIME services need automobile mobile connectivity and accessibility of automobile GPS signal; certain services collect plcae information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable. Online services are theme to change during any time. Google Earth facilities will not be accessible after Dec 2020 for Model Year 2018 before vehicles. Google Earth is a heading of Google Inc.

Connect CARE services are supposing with a support of certified dependent and third celebration use providers. Available on name models. Connect CARE services are activated before to squeeze or franchise and do not need registration or paid subscription. Connect CARE services need automobile mobile connectivity and accessibility of automobile GPS signal; certain services collect plcae information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable. Audi Connect services, including Connect CARE are theme to technologies remaining commercially available, such services are not guaranteed, and might not be accessible after Dec 2021. See Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other sum at www.audiusa.com/privacy  and https://www.audiusa.com/technology/intelligence/audi-connect/connect-terms. Connect CARE services should usually be used when it is protected and appropriate.

Roadside Assistance supposing by an certified third celebration use provider.

Stolen Vehicle Locator is for use by law coercion authorities only. See Terms of Service for details.

The Curfew, Speed and Valet alerts should usually be noticed when it is protected and appropriate. Always compensate clever courtesy to a road, and do not expostulate while distracted. Smartphone summary and information rates apply.

Always conform speed and trade laws.

Car Finder requires Audi MMI bond app. Smartphone summary and information rates apply. Do not use underline to locate stolen vehicle.

Driver Assistance facilities are not substitutes for courteous driving. See Owner’s Manual for offer details, and critical limitations.

Prices listed are a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices and do not embody end charges, taxes, title, options, and play charges.

*Automotive World is not obliged for a calm of this news release.

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