Official Chevy Corvette Intake Delivers Up To 17 Horsepower Gains

Chevrolet Performance is now charity an central Corvette intake for the C7 (seventh-generation Corvette).

Power Gains

Chevrolet’s central C7 Corvette atmosphere intake delivers a higher-flowing initiation system that uses a “dry media” filter. The part can raise the Corvette’s outlay by as most as 17 horsepower, depending on a model:

  • Corvette models with the 6.2L V8 LT1 engine – the Stingray, Stingray with a Z51 package and Grand Sport – do not see any gains on a dyno, but do enjoy 30 percent reduction limiting upsurge rate
  • Corvette models with a supercharged 6.2L V8 LT4 engine – a Corvette Z06 – see an 11 horsepower gain
  • Corvette models versed with the supercharged 6.2L V8 LT5 engine – a Corvette ZR1 – see an boost of 17 horsepower


Introduced in and with a 2019 Corvette, the official Chevrolet Performance C7 Corvette intake is assigned GM LPO Code (Limited Production Option) RVK and GM Part Number 84152141.

The intake has been through highway march contrast during a GM Milford Proving Grounds, Virginia International Raceway and a famed Nürburgring lane in Germany.

Installation Warranty

Chevy’s Corvette atmosphere intake is 50 State Legal and comes with an EO label.

It does not need a recalibration of a engine government complement and seamlessly integrates a MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor.

When commissioned by a dealer, the central Corvette intake maintains a full automobile warranty. Notably, the cost of labor is not enclosed in the aforementioned MSRP of the intake.

Chevrolet’s material states that designation requires 0.6 hours for a LT1 and LT4 engines, and 0.8 hours for a LT5. If commissioned by a customer, a C7 air intake comes with a 12-month and 12,000-mile guaranty for a member only.


The Chevrolet Performance catalog lists a part for an MSRP of $625, though pricing depends on a retailer.

The GM Authority Take

Chevy’s central Corvette intake might be a inestimable choice for those who wish a advantages of a bolt-on partial from a bureau that’s corroborated by GM-Chevrolet.

And despite the fact that the Corvette Stingray, Stingray Z51 and Grand Sport do not see a energy increase, we still contend that reducing restrictive airflow is a good thing that we and your C7 Vette will appreciate. And if zero else, that Jake logo is just awesome.

About Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is a lineup of sports cars sold globally. Slotting above the Chevrolet Camaro as Chevrolet’s flagship sports car, a Corvette lineup consists of a “base” Corvette Stingray, mid-level Corvette Grand Sport, Corvette Z06 and range-topping Corvette ZR1.

The 2018 Corvette represents a fifth indication year of the seventh-generation (or C7) Corvette. Despite its age, a vehicles remains rarely rival in a segment. For a 2019 indication year, a Corvette discontinues the Carbon 65 Edition while gaining a 2019 Corvette ZR1 in Coupe and Convertible forms, along with dual new colors – Elkart Lake Blue Metallic and Shadow Gray Metallic.

Chevrolet is operative on a next-, eighth-generation Corvette. The model is approaching to be mid-, rear-engined, permitting it to pull a opening pouch even serve that a C7. See some-more on a rumored mid-engine Corvette. Though it was formerly believed that the C7 era will be dropped when a mid-engined indication is introduced, we now have reason to trust that a indication will continue being offered alongside a mid-engined model.

The Corvette is built exclusively during the GM Bowling Green plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA.

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