Novitec takes McLaren 600LT to new heights with 678bhp

McLaren almost reworked a 570S to emanate a 600LT, though German tuner Novitec apparently feels that a bureau tweaks don’t go distant enough. Though we’re not wholly certain that a 600LT compulsory some-more go, Novitec’s take on a automobile positively has that, and some-more besides.

Factory-fresh, McLaren’s Long Tail indication produces a healthy 592bhp and 457lb ft of torque for a 2.9sec 0-62mph time and 204 tip speed. Novitec didn’t consider this was utterly adequate and so bumped a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 to 678bhp and 525ft lb of torque, bringing a 0-62mph scurry down a tenth and tip speed adult to 207mph – for reference, a Super Series 675LT had a small 666bhp and 516lb ft of torque. The additional 86bhp and 68lb ft on a 600LT come interjection to a use of an ECU tune, and a further of Novitec’s possess immaculate steel empty system, finish with some-more teeming catalytic converters. Lower levels of energy ascent can also be chosen. 

McLaren 600LT examination – latest Longtail indication set to take a quarrel to Porsche’s RSs

Though we apparently get a advantages of additional energy and torque, a code says any turn of balance gives we improved stifle response and in-gear acceleration. To make life a small easier, if you’d like to switch your 600LT behind to customary for a prolonged motorway cruise, Novitec gives we a ability to toggle a balance off with a bureau energetic row inside.

Aside from a modifications underneath a skin, Novitec also worked a sorcery on a exterior, charity a new two-piece CO twine airbox, a some-more aggressive, unprotected carbonfibre front carp and obscure springs, shortening float tallness by 30mm. Also creation an coming are a staggered set of lightweight fake wheels, designed in partnership with US circle manufacturer Vossen. 

As with all Novitec products, customisation is a large factor. The new, 20 and 21” fake wheels can be had in 77 opposite colours, in possibly brushed or discriminating finishes, and inside, we can opt to have a totally tradition design, with Novitec able of reupholstering a interior in any colour of your choice. 

Pricing and accessibility for a upgrades are accessible on request. 

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