No Joke, A Three-Wheeled Car Could Be In Your Future

It might demeanour odd, though some automotive ventures are anticipating that a multiple of a three-wheeled automobile with a battery powered electric engine creates it probable to consider outward a box, to emanate lightweight, affordable, eco-friendly vehicles.

“You don’t need $2 billion to start an electric automobile company,” pronounced Malcolm Bricklin, an automotive businessman who’s done a career out of start-ups and meditative outward a box – admittedly not always successfully.

Bricklin’s latest due try is Visionary Vehicles, that is operative to rise a Bricklin 3EV, a two-seat, battery powered three-wheeler. Bricklin claims a EV3 will have “supercar” styling though cost usually around $25,000.

Photo: Visionary Vehicles

Bricklin 3EV, artist rendering

If that sounds like a stretch, Bricklin isn’t a usually one meditative along those lines. Britain’s Morgan Motor Co. has grown a retro-looking, battery powered three-wheeler, a Morgan EV3. Meanwhile Arcimoto Inc., a little association in Eugene, Ore. is also looking to start producing three-wheeled, battery powered vehicles for sell sale in 2018.

And Minnesota-based Polaris Industries Inc., that also creates all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles for off-road use, introduced what it calls a “three-wheeled motorcycle” for on-road use, a sportscar-like Slingshot, in 2014. The Slingshot is powered by inner explosion engines. Polaris pronounced in a 2016 annual news it had 500 dealers in North America charity a Slingshot.

Three-wheelers hoop good – a dual wheels are in a front – since they have a low core of gravity, and apparently import significantly reduction than a comparable, required four-wheeler, Bricklin said.

“Three wheels means we save 1,500 lbs. and [the need for] 20 kilowatts. So it allows we to assign reduction money,” he said. At a same time, electric vehicles accelerate well, since they have a lot of torque, a rambling force that launches a automobile from a station start.

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