Nissan ‘never entertained’ bringing GT-R to Supercars

Nissan says it never severely deliberate bringing a famous GT-R bodyshape into Supercars during a decision-making routine per a destiny in a series.

Nissan is set to travel divided from Supercars at a finish of this year, shutting down a bureau support of a four-car programme that grown initial grown a Altima and afterwards ran it for a final 6 seasons.

The Altimas will continue to be run as highwayman entries by Kelly Racing subsequent season, with their destiny from 2020 onwards now unclear.

The preference from Nissan to lift out of Supercars comes during a duration of realignment for a code in Australia, with sedans like a Altima now out of a internal line-up, and a concentration some-more heavily on SUVs as good as sportscars like a 370Z and a GT-R.

That realignment had led to hopes that Nissan competence welcome a Gen2 Supercars regulations and move a GT-R to Supercars, quite with Ford removing a two-door turn rolling with a arriving introduction of a Mustang.

It would have also been a neat fit from a PR perspective, with a GT-R an iconic automobile in Australian Touring Car Championship story interjection to a widespread run in a early 1990s during a Group A era.

While it’s accepted that both Nissan Australia and a Kelly Racing outfit investigated both a GT-R bodyshape and turbo engine packages as early as 2015 during a prior turn of negotiations over a new deal, it seems that this time around a GT-R didn’t even get a demeanour in.

When asked if there was any critical contention per a GT-R while assessing options over 2018, Nissan Australia handling executive Stephen Lester was fatiguing in his response.

“No there was not,” he said.

“It was never a indicate that we were interesting on a list from a side. To be really honest, we don’t see a fixing of a GT-R to a Supercars series.

“At this indicate we’ve done no skeleton to cruise other vehicles for racing in Supercars. We have aligned a plan to concentration around EV, SUV, and Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and that plan will form a destiny course.”

What is reduction transparent is a destiny of a GT3-spec GT-R in Australia.

Nissan Australia has dual of a GT3 cars in a internal fleet, initial purchased to safeguard a code could run cars during a Bathurst 12 Hour any year.

There were even skeleton to run a automobile for GT Academy leader Matt Simmons in Australian GT in 2017, nonetheless a programme never scrupulously went ahead.

The cars were afterwards absent from this year’s using of a 12 Hour in February.

That could be about to change, however, with Lester heedful on a skeleton for a existent GT-Rs.

“The existence is that Supercars is a superb internal series, though it is not a usually array in a country,” he said.

“Motorsport has always been a partial of a story and DNA of a Nissan brand, and we will perform and demeanour during other commercially-viable opportunities that accommodate a needs of a brand, of a business going forward.

“It doesn’t meant that definitively,” he combined when asked if a GT-Rs would be run during possibly a 12 Hour or in Australian GT.

“We will demeanour during all opportunities to go racing and weigh those on a case-by-case scenario.

“No specific timeline has been set, though apparently time’s ticking. We’ve got people within a organization looking during a opportunities around that. Fortunately, we do have those integrate of cars, or a assets, so it’s not a doubt of being that distant off. It’s only a matter of carrying a right format and set-up to be means to do it.”

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