Nissan GT-R Nismo Drag Races McLaren 675LT with Stunning 1000m Result

There are dual categorical similarities between a Nissan GT-R Nismo and a McLaren 675LT, namely a fact that both container twin-turbo 3.8-liter engines and both play in a 600 horsepower league.

Nevertheless, while (in terms of machines entrance from “large-scale” automakers) a GT-R is a many affordable 600 HP supercar, a 675 Longtail is substantially a many costly member of this club. While we’re during it, we’ll remind we that pretension will shortly be stolen by a yet-unreleased 688 High Sport.

Despite a disproportion above (and tons of others that apart a two), a drag competition involving these speed demons was inevitable. Well, here we are, bringing we a station kilometer conflict between a Nismo GT-R and a 675LT, pleasantness of Motorsport Magazine.

However, before we strike that “play” symbol and see what happens when these dual beasts are thrown during any other, we wish to speak money. And while we’re contemptible if this serves as a sign of a fact that we can’t have any of a beasts, we should know we feel a same way.

While a $149,990 MSRP of a Nismo chronicle represents a whopping 214 percent boost over a initial cost of a GT-R (that was behind in 2008), we can still contend a steel structure of a GT-R has to do with Godzilla’s budget-savvy nature.

Looking during a $349,500 (MSRP) McLaren 675LT Coupe, you’d contend a pricing boost over a $241,800 demanded by a strange MP4-12C behind in 2011 isn’t as vast as in a box of a Japanese machine. But a Longtail still costs some-more than double when compared to a GT-R Nismo, even yet this didn’t keep Woking from offered all 500 units of a supercar within dual months of a vehicle’s 2015 Geneva Motor Show launch.

P.S.: Yes, we entertain mile aficionados, a Nismo GT-R does tip a rear-wheel-drive 675 Longtail in terms of 1,320 feet adventures.

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