Nissan GT-R Driver Blows Up Transmission Showing Off Launch Control on a Cold Start

For something that’s ostensible to make it dead-simple to rocket from 0 to 60 miles per hour as discerning as possible, launch control certain does claim a satisfactory share of victims. But this sold tragicomedy doesn’t underline a totally avoidable crash—no, what you’re about to declare is a Nissan GT-R interruption ways with a inside of a delivery after a botched launch over-revved a engine on a cold start.

Of course, a Nissan GT-R was the theme of a category movement lawsuit in 2009 after owners complained of a really identical problem, and Nissan allegedly attempted to fist by a loophole by observant that regulating launch control—a underline they built in, mind you—technically voided a car’s guaranty since it compulsory branch off a traction control. The box was staid and a association temporarily private launch control from a GT-R, though it done a jubilant lapse a few years later.

But those issues were tied to excessive, beforehand wear on a gearbox, not a kind of remarkable eruption on arrangement here. The video was filmed during a automobile accommodate in Birmingham, England final week, and according to a description, a tuned Nissan had been parked “for utterly a few hours” before a owners motionless to bound in and flay out on a travel lined with other people’s cars.

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