Nissan GT-R Crashes At The Drag Strip While Racing A BMW 4-Series

Racing is always dangerous, and that doesn’t bar drag races, as a motorist of a GT-R found out recently.

The Godzilla lined adult during a start line along with a BMW 4-Series Coupe and once a light incited green, it set off like a bat out of hell.

Straight from a start, we can see a GT-R struggling for traction. Things competence have been improved if a motorist simply carried their right feet only a bit, yet of course, that could have meant losing a competition to a Bimmer.

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So, a chairman behind a circle of a Japanese sports car motionless it would be best keep pulling a stifle hard. A few seconds later, he simply mislaid it and finished adult attack a side barrier, slicing off a BMW 4-Series within a process, which, by a way, managed to stop only in time.

The reserve organisation afterwards arrived during a scene, prepared to put out a glow if necessary, yet luckily, a Nissan didn’t detonate in flames. In fact, while it will really have to revisit a workshop, it doesn’t seem as it’s a write off.

More importantly, though, a motorist left a disadvantage on his own, nonetheless visibly jarred by a crash. Well, we can’t censure him – anyone in his position would feel a same way.

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