New Chevy Traverse vs. First-Gen Traverse: Photo Comparison

The Chevy Traverse got a finish renovate for a 2018 indication year, consisting of a finish redesign and re-engineering. The new indication represents the second epoch of a Traverse nameplate, with the pattern of a all-new indication being significantly opposite that a first-gen predecessor, that was introduced for a 2009 indication year and ran all a approach by 2017.

Chevrolet describes a all-new 2018 Traverse as carrying a demeanour desirous by its full-size SUVS, with eloquent proportions complemented by reward cues such as chrome accents, LED signature lighting and accessible D-Optic LED headlamps.

“The all-new Traverse blends Chevrolet’s evil SUV cues with capability and refinement,” John Cafaro, executive director, Global Chevrolet Design, was quoted as saying. “Inside and out, it offers impression with a purpose.”

We’ve listened an strenuous volume of certain commend when deliberating a 2018 Traverse with other automotive journalists and automobile shoppers alike, and for good reason: no matter what angle you’re looking at, a new model is a looker… and in this installment of a GM Authority Photo Comparison, we’re going to highlight how the all-new Traverse differs from a outgoing model.


The new Traverse’s sculpted front finish is admirably Chevrolet, and brings the Traverse nameplate into a complicated era. The hood facilities beautiful aspect styling, bringing a concentration into a immeasurable movement of Chevy’s signature dual-port grille looks right during home on a full-size model, while a significantly some-more narrow headlights with LED daytime using lights (standard on all models) minister to the Traverse’s dramatic appearance. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are customary on all models, while a Premier and High Country models get even some-more potent D-optic bi-function projector LED headlamps.

The foglights on a reduce finish of a front fascia are pushed out to a corners, accentuating usually how far-reaching a new Traverse truly is. The fact that a new Traverse continues to use wing-mounted side mirrors gives it an even sportier appearance, and doesn’t make a mirrors demeanour like “ears” – a cause ordinarily compared when vehicles use a pedestal-style side counterpart mount.

Front Three Quarters Side Profile

From a front 3 buliding position, a beauty and participation of a new Traverse is even some-more apparent. Rather than a rounded, unoffensive profile, a new Traverse is bold. It’s maybe from this angle that a change from full-size Chevrolet SUVs is many noticeable.

One of a pivotal elements that make a new Traverse demeanour so good is a confidant and assured stance: a twin in. boost in wheelbase length with a slight diminution in altogether length naturally helps proportions, though a blocky, robust aspect detailing over the front and behind wheel-wells as good as a immeasurable contentment of straight, confidant lines contribute a many to the formidable stance.

The side form includes several teenager though vital details that minister to a confidant nonetheless refined appearance. In the front, wrap-around headlamp assemblies with slight edges flow into a concave character line that ends an in. or twin next a doorway hoop on a front doors. Faux-running play with a chrome prominence and the TRAVERSE nameplate mangle adult a vast amount of true sheetmetal on a doors. The square steel noticeably widens as it reaches a behind circle good – usually demeanour during a area usually brazen of a behind wheel. Like the headlight housing, a taillight assemblies hang around and turn narrower as they upsurge toward a front of a vehicle, using into a rather true impression line.

On higher-end models, immeasurable 20-inch wheels fill out a circle wells, that are dull though feature a spirit of squared-off style. Lower-end models get 17- and 18-inch wheels that don’t demeanour utterly as substantial.

Chrome DayLight Opening (DLO) trim is singly practical on a new Traverse, getting thicker usually abaft of a C-pillar. This helps focus a courtesy on a newcomer compartment, as against to a load area. The C-pillar diagnosis is quite unique: it is prominently unprotected and leans forward, while a homogeneous on the prior indication was not during all accentuated on a exterior. Instead, it was disguised by some glass and a black cosmetic trim square – which were organic though didn’t do most for a model’s design.

Have a demeanour during a area directly after the C-pillar, and you’ll see the side window that resides over a load area (between a C- and D-pillars). Unlike a DLO around a newcomer compartment, this window lacks the DLO trim, instead drawing attention to the passenger compartment.

Out back, the liftgate-mounted spoiler is not usually functional, though also has a pattern purpose: it contributes to a new Traverse’s aerodynamic properties while visually extending the length of a model.

Rear Three Quarters

The behind finish of a new Traverse continues a bold yet polished theme established at the front and side profiles.

Starting during a top, a aforementioned liftgate-mounted spoiler provides a visual outcome that creates a crossover demeanour longer. Another singular element is the junction between the D-pillar and the liftgate: given that both are black, a D-pillar seems invisible, creation it appear as if the roof past a C-pillar is “floating”.

The taillights ideally promulgate a Chevrolet pattern denunciation that is apparent opposite a whole lineup. As they hang around, they run into a impression (shoulder) line that runs a whole length of a crossover. We should note that a taillamps demeanour implausible in a dim interjection to the LED setup customary on all models.

The reduce finish of a behind facia delivers a chrome frame that runs a breadth of a vehicle. Like a haze lights in a front, this component is dictated to intensify a breadth of the vehicle. Below it, twin empty around a set of integrated rectangularly-shaped outlets deliver a uniform coming by carrying a consistent shape with the rest of a car (such as a taillights). The outgoing indication featured twin empty out of turn outlets, that looked decent, though always struck us as an afterthought by comparison.

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