New Chevy Equinox takes on a Mazda CX-5

Updated: March 5, 2018 — 3:09 PM EST

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Scott Sturgis’ adore for a car blossomed during an early age: His biggest fun was carrying his mom or father circle his hiker to a categorical drag of his tiny hometown to watch a cars and trucks pass by. He began essay about cars for a (Cleveland) Plain Dealer in 2001. Later he started essay articles for a New York Times.

The idea of Driver’s Seat? Real-world reviews of real-world cars. Most of us expostulate especially to work, a mall, or a kid’s recital, and we wish vehicles that offer some comfort and a smallest of embarrassment.

We spend some-more time stranded in trade than cruising circuitous strand lanes. Performance customarily means “Do a windows haze adult excessively?” “Can we figure out a bloody stereo controls on a fly?” “Will it be value anything when it’s time to trade up?” or “Will a melted crayons come out of a seats?” (Alas, a answer to that final doubt is roughly always: “Not entirely.”)

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2018 Chevrolet Equinox FWD vs. 2018 Mazda CX-5: A new tiny crossover contra and aged standard.

This week: 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

Price: $41,510 as tested (a bottom indication can start underneath $25,000)

Marketer’s pitch: “Everything we need, to do all we want.”

Conventional wisdom: Motor Trend says you’ll like “available diesel chronicle boosts fuel economy, rarely connected infotainment system” though not that “maximum load space falls brief of difficulty leaders, gas-powered models might not be as fit as others in a segment.”

Reality: A step in a right direction.

A acquire update: The aged Chevy Equinox ranks adult there on Mr. Driver’s Seat’s list of least-favored vehicles. we once gave behind a let Equinox (circa 2012) since we hated a doing and opening that much.

General Motors had already leaped past that low indicate with a 2016 GMC Terrain (an Equinox cousin) we tested; it was usually forgettable.

I suspicion maybe a Equinox would join a redesigned Cruze and Malibu on a brief list of Mr. Driver’s Seat consternation kids.

Outside: The new Equinox picks adult a large styling cues of a Malibu and Cruze, kind of a Toyota face though though a annoy government issues.

Most startling was a size: we parked it nearby a Lovely Mrs. Passenger Seat’s Kia Soul, and a dual vehicles were about a same size.

Family favorite: The Lovely Mrs. Passenger Seat and Sturgis Kid 4.0 can be tough sells, though they reported agreeably of a Equinox after a brief time. “Seats are comfy,” they both said, and now that 4.0 has stretched to 6-feet-2-inches, legroom is key.

Up to speed: The exam car came with a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. It creates 252 horsepower and reaches 60 mph in 7.2 seconds according to Motor Trend. Turbo loiter is nonexistent.

Other engine choices embody a 1.5-liter turbo, a V-6, and someday a diesel.

On a road: As a tiny crossover, a Equinox is not approaching to daunt on a curves, nonetheless it would be good if it did. It binds a possess all right, with adequate steering and some physique gaunt on turns. Still, this is a immeasurable alleviation over prior years.

The Equinox also evens out rough highway surfaces nicely.

Shifty: The 9-speed delivery comes with no change capabilities other than a symbol on a change lever. Not certain because that bugs me so most on General Motors vehicles, though it does. Since you’re adhering with a geared transmission, let us have a tiny fun while we can, huh?

Play some tunes: A brighter GM tradition comes around a infotainment system. The map is sincerely transparent and easy to operate — nonetheless a categorical roads can distant bolder than side roads — and tuning is not bad. A core dial controls volume and left and right arrows change a station. Not as adored as a span of dials though it works fine.

The sound is excellent, even during low volume. This was pleasantness of a Bose Premium Sound System, partial of a $2,620 Sun and Sound Package, that also enclosed sunroof.


Keeping comfortable – and cool: The cooling complement has a span of dials for temperature. Buttons control fan operation, that equals eyes off a highway a lot some-more than necessary. Mr. Driver’s Seat’s chair desired a ventilated seats (say that 5 times fast), a singular find in this car category.

General Motors could mount to refurbish a heating and infotainment interfaces, nonetheless we should substantially be clever what we wish for.

Friends and stuff: Legroom, headroom, and feet room are all fine, reports a extra-long Sturgis Kid 4.0. The leather-covered seats were good for brief or prolonged trips. Cargo space is 29.9 cubic feet though grows to 63.5 with a seats folded down.

Night shift: we found a headlights splendid and illuminating, and a interior lights soothing and not an division with a road.

Fuel economy: we averaged only over 25 mpg in a common Mr. Driver’s Seat turn of contrast on suburban and city roads, distant improved than a 19 in a Terrain’s V-6 final year though still zero to get vehement about. Premium fuel is recommended.

Where it’s built: Ingersoll, Ontario

How it’s built: Consumer Reports gives a Equinox a likely trustworthiness of 2 out of 5, that is a serious dump from a 4s and even a 5 over a prior 4 indication years.

Next week: How does it review to a Mazda CX-5?

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