New 503bhp twin-turbo V8 Aston Martin DB11 Volante and Vantage put to a test

IT’S always sparkling to see an Aston Martin launch entice email nearing into your inbox.

But when we review on and discover, it’s not usually one automobile you’re being authorised to drive, yet dual afterwards kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, sanatorium appointments can wait.

TWIN PEAKS: The Aston Martin DB11 Volante and Vantage

Nothing is going to get in a highway of removing to expostulate a new DB11 Volante and Vantage.

Aston’s destiny is looking unequivocally bright, underneath a clever superintendence of CEO Andy Palmer.

For a initial time in 8 years, they are creation a profit.

The DB11 and Vantage are usually dual of Aston’s 7 models to be launched over 7 years in what they call their — Second Century Plan.

The DBS Superleggara has usually strike a showrooms, yet in 2019 will be a fourth, and presumably a many shocking.

ELECTRIC SHOCK: Sketches uncover what new RapidE will demeanour like

Then in 2020 another initial for Aston, will be their initial SUV called — a DBX.

In 2021 a Lagonda code will be regenerated and a concentration will be on oppulance and autonomy.

They will also concentration on special book cars such as a mid- engined, hybrid Valkyrie.

DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT: The Volante’s roof takes 14 seconds to reduce and 16 to tighten and can be operated remotely from a key, or on a pierce during speeds of adult to 50kph


THIS is Aston Martin’s roofless new indication — a DB11 Volante.
A beautiful GT cruiser that allows we to suffer a disturb of open-top motoring.

And an combined reward is, we get to serve suffer a stately soundtrack entrance from a Mercedes-AMG sourced, 4.0-litre V8 engine ahead, and a glorious breeze harmony being wanting from a exhausts.

The fabric, electrically operated roof takes 14 seconds to reduce and 16 to put behind adult and it can be finished adult to 50kph.

You routinely lax feet space with a drop-top.

But Aston have managed to boost feet volume by 20 per cent compared to a effusive DB9 Volante, giving a decent 224-litres.

That’s adequate for dual sets of golf clubs.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: LED headlamps with integrated daytime running, side lights and instruction indicators

There are also dual small, kid-size, seats in a behind and for another Volante first, they come with ISOFIX attachments.

So ideal for removing your small ones, off their devices, and out into a uninformed air.

And even yet we was exam pushing a Volante during a finish of Oct with a roof down, a exhilarated seats supposing adequate regard to keep we toasty.

It’s usually a empathize they didn’t splash a Airscarf System from Mercedes too, that blows prohibited atmosphere from a chair headrests, yet there is a exhilarated steering wheel.

But if a heavens do open or it’s additional cold outward and we have to transport top-up again, a Volante’s 8-layer roof facilities a latest acoustic and insulation materials.

They will assistance strengthen we from a elements while slicing down on highway and breeze noise.

WIND INSTRUMENT: Engine a breeze in your hair and a glrious sound from a twin-turbo V8

Aston Martin Volante
Cost: From €269,000 (£159,900)
Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8
Power: 503bhp
Torque: 675Nm
0-100kph: 4.1seconds
Top Speed: 300kph (187mph)
Economy: 9.98L100km (28.3mpg)
Emissions: 230g/km
Rivals: Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes-AMG S63, Lexus LC500

MORE POWER TO YOU: 4.0-litre V8 produces 503bhp with 675Nm or torque

The twin-turbo V8 produces 503bhp, with 675Nm of torque.

That gives a Volante supercar opening — with 0-100kph holding 4.1secs and on to a tip speed of 300kph (187mph).

It’s a same engine we find in a Vantage, and a roughly as fast, yet it doesn’t expostulate with a same urgency.

However, a energy is there when we need and it revs facilely though any spirit of turbo lag.

The Volante is built around a new connected aluminium structure that was initial seen in a DB11 Coupe, and it’s 26kg lighter and 5 per cent stiffer than a prior generation.

SEVEN HEAVEN:  There a choice of 7 opposite 20″ alloys on a DB11 Volante

There are 3 pushing modes, GT for comfy, prolonged widen cruises.

Sport for when we wish to feat that glorious chassis.

And Sport+ to unequivocally blow a cobwebs away, and to remind yourself usually how manly a Volante is, and how distilled a sound is from a V8 soundtrack.

The 8-speed automobile gearbox is tranquil by dual aluminium steering wheel-mounted paddles that change a gears satisfyingly.

The limited-slip differential, with energetic torque vectoring, works seamlessly behind a scenes.

It provides glorious grip, usually as prolonged as you’re not too complicated with your right foot.

It’s so attractive it recently picked adult a Autonis Design Awards, winning a fame brazen of 9 other automobile sports cars — I’d measure it DB11 out of 10.

MAKING TRACKS: Adaptive Damping System offers a choice of Sport, Sport Plus and Track modes


ADVANTAGE to Aston Martin on formulating one of a many desirable, best looking, sounding and doing supercars ever and — it’s their cheapest model.

Just demeanour during how beautiful this automobile is, from an angle it’s overwhelming yet that behind finish is something else.

The Vantage has always been a overwhelming looking appurtenance yet now it wouldn’t demeanour out of place sitting in Batman’s driveway.

But a sleek, aerodynamic bodywork is also functional.

The front splitter leads airflow underneath a car.

It afterwards feeds a behind diffuser with purify airflow.

The diffuser is designed to emanate an area of low vigour air, that also prevents behind wheels turmoil from disrupting a upsurge of atmosphere exiting a rear.

REAR OF THE REAR: Vantage looks extraordinary from any angle yet arguably a many thespian from behind

But even some-more engaging is a new side gills that drain atmosphere vigour out from a front circle arches, down a side of a car, to a behind upswept wing assisting a Vantage hang to a road.

Inside it’s another jump brazen in terms of design, record and functionality with a ideal pushing seating position with all a controls and info driver-focused too.

The cessation settings controls and driving-mode buttons occupy a tip mark of a left and right steering circle buttons.

So all that’s need to work them is usually a discerning float press.

Then we can find a ideal set-up while on a move, though carrying to fail around on a centre console or touchscreen.

The rev opposite and speedo lay slap, crash in a centre of a instrument binnacle, so we can keep your eyes focused on a highway and suffer a ride.

WORTH THE WEIGHT: The engine is set low and distant behind in a framework for optimal centre-of-gravity and ideal 50:50 weight distribution

Aston Martin Vantage
Cost: From €198,000 (£120,900)
Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8
Power: 503bhp
Torque: 685Nm
0-100kph: 3.5seconds
Top Speed: 314kph (195mph)
Economy: 10.31L100km (27.4mpg)
Emissions: 236g/km
Rivals: Mercedes-AMG GT S, Porsche 911 Turbo, Jaguar F-Type, Maserati Gran Turismo

STOPPING POWER: Ventilated two-piece 400mm cast-iron discs adult front

At a heart of a Vantage is a new 503bhp, 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8.

When we contend new, we meant it’s borrowed from Mercedes, yet that amalgamate pile of AMG integrity is a critical powerplant,

The Aston designers have set it low and distant behind in a framework for optimal centre of sobriety and 50:50 weight distribution.

Peak energy is reached during 6,000rpm with 685Nm of torque from 2000-5000rpm, so 0-100kph takes 3.5 seconds and on to a limit speed of 314kph.

Power is sent to a behind wheels around a, rear-mounted ZF, eight-speed automobile gearbox yet a good news is there is a primer chronicle designed for a destiny too.

CONNECTED: 8” LCD infotainment comprises Bluetooth® audio and phone streaming, iPod®, iPhone® and USB playback and Sat-Nav

There are 3 pushing modes on offer, Sport, Sport + and Track mode with a latter being a many infamous environment yet a many fun.

Maybe not advisable to use in a wet, yet on dry roads a Vantage is a challenging supercar.

The sound is sublime, a stifle response is lightning discerning and it keeps on pulling, vagrant we to find a limits.

The gearbox seems clairvoyant, means to review a highway ahead, blipping a throttle, as it kicks down gears.

Then we are prepared to conflict a subsequent open widen of road, and all a while a empty is barking and popping on a overrun.

But lively and opening aside, a Vantage can also be a composed an gentle cruiser, and we can possess this work of art for €198,000.

POCKET ROCKET: One-off V8 powered Aston marin Cygnet

Swan strain for Cygnet:

THE Aston Martin Cygnet is one of a oddest, yet deffo a smallest, automobile they’ve ever made.

It was launched behind in 2011 and was fundamentally a Toyota iQ, a world’s smallest 4 seater prolongation car, that was propitious with an Aston front griddle and some imagination behind lights.

Then a inside was retrimmed with hand-stitched leather and Alcantara trim.

The extraneous got a full cloak of Aston’s glorious paint.

The thought behind it was that an Aston owners would use a Cygnet by a week as his daily motorist to invert in and out of a city.

Then during a weekend he could go cruising in his DB9 or Vanquish.

It didn’t locate on yet showed Aston weren’t fearful to build something a small bit different.

And that’s where this crazy Cygnet we see here comes in.

The Cygnet ceased prolongation in 2013 yet for one final swan song, Aston motionless to make a ultimate City car.

They dumped a tiny, 1.3-litre Toyota engine and shoe-horning in a 430bhp, 4.7-litre, V8 engine from a Vantage S.

BELLY OF THE BEAST: Cygnet’s 430bhp V8 engine

Aston Martin Cygnet
Engine: 4.7-litre, V8
Power: 430bhp
Torque: 490Nm
0-100kph: 4.2secs
Top Speed: 274kph (170mph)
Gearbox: 7-speed

A hurl enclosure was welded in and delivery hovel was built from piece steel to accommodate a large V8.

Subframes and cessation were also pinched from a Vantage and to accommodate wider front and behind tracks, CO combination flared extensions were made.

Power is transmitted to a behind wheels around a seven-speed Sportshift II delivery and it can accelerate faster than V8 Vantage S with 0-100kph — holding usually 4.2 secs with a tip speed over 274kph (170mph).

Stopping energy is supposing by 380mm discs and six-piston monoblock calipers adult front and 330mm discs and 4 pots during a behind and new forged, 19” alloys were propitious all round.

Inside there’s Recaro bucket seats with four-point harnesses and a CO lurch with Vantage instrument cluster.

LITTLE WONDER: V8 Cygnet has a tip speed of 274kph


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