New $20K Honda Civic Can Drive Itself (Sometimes)

Honda is adding facilities to a $20,000 Honda Civic LX that will make a entry-level automobile means to expostulate itself down a highway, reports a Wall Street Journal.

Drivers can take their hands off a circle and their feet off a pedals when a car’s pushing in highway conditions with clearly manifest line markings and a automobile in front for a Civic to follow, according to a report. Carmakers are increasingly adding facilities such as involuntary lane-keeping assistance, adaptive journey control and involuntary violation to lower-end models, according to a Journal. General Motors is reportedly set to launch a chronicle of a Chevrolet Cruze with identical facilities after this year.

While manufacturers stress that a cars aren’t dictated to be entirely self-driving like a vehicles famously being tested by Google, sovereign regulators are meddlesome in creation a technologies, collectively famous as “advanced motorist assistance systems,” accessible in some-more vehicles to assistance forestall accidents mostly caused by increasingly dreaming drivers, according to a report.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration skeleton to shortly embody crash-avoidance technologies in a 5-Star Safety Rating program, a group pronounced in December. The module already includes a checklist of endorsed facilities designed to boost motorist awareness, including rear-facing cameras and warnings when a automobile is about to skip a line or have a brazen collision, according to a agency.

“NHTSA’s 5-Star Safety Ratings have set a bar on reserve given it began in 1978, and currently we are lifting that bar,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx pronounced in announcing a changes in December. “The changes yield some-more and improved information to new-vehicle shoppers that will assistance accelerate a record innovations that saves lives.”

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