More McLaren Longtails to come, says internal boss

The McLaren 600LT has only been launched in Australia, yet McLaren is approaching to announce some-more Longtails in a future, with a topless chronicle of a 600LT already confirmed.

McLaren Asia Pacific handling executive George Biggs spoke with MOTOR at a Australian launch for a 600LT – a fourth member of a Longtail family, as McLaren considers 675LT Coupe and Spider apart – observant it’s something patron direct is expected to drive.

“This is a Coupe obviously, and we’ve pronounced we will move a Spider version, yet we haven’t reliable sum or timing around that.

“I consider that a McLaren patron is great out for that kind of car, high performance, low weight, some-more aero – so we consider we will be responding to that direct in a future.”

He was penetrating to supplement that a series of Longtails wasn’t expected to ‘skyrocket’, so a models that do already exist won’t remove their exclusivity, yet he did contend that a miss of ‘hard limit’ on prolongation numbers meant this could be utterly a countless run of cars, for a Longtail.

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“Last year we constructed around 4300 cars, and globally 570S accounts for about a third of that number.

“The 675LT was in a Super Series, and we singular tellurian sales of a Coupe to 500, and a Spider to 500.

“Obviously we’ve taken a somewhat opposite plan with [the 600LT] and rather than contend we’re building a specific number, we’ve pronounced how many months of prolongation we’re going to go through.

 “This is still going to be a really special automobile to see around. It’s still really exclusive, and in a countries that we have launched it in so distant we’ve seen a outrageous response. It’s sole out good into subsequent year.

“Once we get yet tonight, once we uncover it for a initial time, we’ll substantially be in a really clever position with it.”

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