MKBHD Talks Tesla & Automaker’s $25000 Future Car With Elon Musk

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Project Loveday leader and aristocrat of tech reviews talks Tesla and tech with Elon.

Who improved to extract in a new, disdainful speak with Tesla CEO Elon Musk than tech-reviewer extraordinaire, Tesla owner, and Project Loveday leader Marques Brownlee. Many of we might also know him as MKBHD. We had a possibility to accommodate Marques during a Model 3 handover event final year and we’re here to contend he’s kind, eloquent, and crazy smart. If we watch his tech reviews, this substantially comes as no surprise.

Marques Brownlee Posts Test Drive Impressions Of Tesla Model 3 – Video

MKBHD Drifts, Drives, Launches Tesla Model 3 Performance: Watch Here

Exclusive Impressions: Behind The Scenes Of The Tesla Model 3 Event

Fast brazen to new days and Brownlee took a outing to a Fremont bureau to lay down with a bustling CEO. Despite Musk’s crazy report and a ascent conditions in a media, he was means to give MKBHD a good cube of his time to speak about tech and a future, among other things. Brownlee also records that he was also means to debate a Fremont trickery with Musk. He’ll be releasing a video of that in a nearby future. As shortly as that happens, we’ll share it with a readers.

Without serve ado, suffer a interview. But be warned, there’s a shocker within. Musk hints during a destiny $25,000 Tesla. Zing!

Video Description around Marques Brownlee on YouTube:

Talking Tesla, tech and a destiny with Elon Musk.

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15 Comments on “Musk Talks Tesla Automaker’s $25,000 Future Car With MKBHD”

Wow, 1000% improved than a NY Times paid strike piece.
The NY Times need to entirely DISCLOSE who PAID FOR THAT EDITORIAL SLANT, of “anonymous sources said…”

And look, Musk is LUCID and IN CONTROL.
But, being “on a indicate of tears” gets some-more clicks.

What? Musk is jittering all over a place, Marques looks in control, and most some-more good spoken. Elon is a sight wreck… Looks like a tweaker to me.

And.. here’s one now.. That didn’t take too long.

You haven’t been around many intelligent people have you? Its not odd for them to be a small socially ungainly and have difficulty articulating their thoughts.

Actually we hang with people weekly that run companies distant incomparable and some-more essential afterwards Tesla, so yes, we do spend a satisfactory volume of time with intelligent people. Much smarter afterwards myself.

Many really intelligent people run in my circle, nothing of that call rescuers a pedo, nor twitter materially fake information about their companies. Even Bill Gates is not squirming around in his chair, and can put a finish judgment together though several corrections and re-starts.

Elon Musk pulled a smartest people during Tesla and SpaceX off their projects to work on a Rescue of those kids. He spend poignant time and resources to work on a resolution as quick as possible.
He was INVITED mixed times to get involved.

Then he gets criticized for “grand-standing” and “trying to take a lime-light and a credit” by someone who clearly didn’t know he was INVITED mixed times to help. His critique of this uninformed-duff-beer mind was light.

I always find it extraordinary Musk’s biggest critics are guys with HUGE EGO’s and nonetheless not most of anything accomplished, generally not most to assistance other humans on a world have a improved life. But, this is a ideal instance of someone carrying a GALL to protest about Mush perplexing to assistance in a RESCUE operation. Can we suppose anything dumber?

@ D.(wad) “Green”,

Elon has always been eclectic/cool-quirky!

Your “tweaker” contrition “train” EValution, is really off a rails, try again FUDster!

Elon seems to be losing his mind… and male in a lighting on that video he looks extremely pale, too most great maybe?

Projection. See a shrink.

Elon is articulate in a ease wholesome manner, as he’s always talked for a final 10 years.
You’re grasp of a eventuality might be a sight ReCk.

Good so see Elon in speak Chillax mode.

It will be engaging to see that dual arriving EVs Tesla rolls out together in tandem.

The Model Y seems like it will be a outrageous step in carrying some-more than one “affordable” patron choice in selling for a Tesla. we wish Elon can furnish a bill $25K 240mi. (60-65 kWh batt) range, ICE killer, someday before 2025.

How prolonged until a Ringwraiths of a Tesla articles appear…

Not most tangible calm of seductiveness here alas.

Now that we have my daily motorist (2018 Leaf) staid for a residue of my operative days subsequent on a list is a snowy-road furloughed automobile a la an Audi S5, and also something like a BEV Winnebago Revel to take off for a week or 3 highway trip.

The Revel is like $150,000 so we gotta consider there’s marketplace space for a Tesla offering.

Obviously Musk can’t divulge destiny products like these though here’s anticipating they’ll have something eventually.

How about a $35k automobile like….now?

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