Minivan Review: 2018 Honda Odyssey Touring


Full-size, 8 newcomer minivan

Ample space, still drive, a ideal messenger for bustling households

Somewhat thirsty, some-more costly than other vans

Value for money

What would we change?
Seating position, PRND controls, steering

How we would spec it?

A 2002 Honda Odyssey minivan ecstatic my mother and dual immature sons for roughly 10 years. For a immature family, a outpost was ideal, ferrying all from bicycles and lumber, to lots of tiny ones. It also carried so many dreams on an infinite series of highway trips, a longest by a hurricane in a March-break expostulate from Ottawa to Florida and back. While a Odyssey was distant from perfect, pang a possess share of problems now and then, a outpost lived adult to a namesake: My boys grew adult saying lots of this universe by a windows of that china box.

The behind windows in that 2002 Odyssey didn’t open as they do in a 2018 Honda Odyssey Touring we usually drove. Nor did that aged outpost advise me when someone was in a blind spot, as a new one does. The aged outpost had no backup camera, no exhilarated seats, no collision intervention, no tire vigour monitor, no programmed journey control, lane-keep assist, involuntary wipers or automobile headlamps like a new model. How did we ever survive?

Such is a enrichment of a Odyssey that it is now light years brazen of a initial era Odyssey of 1994, now most some-more than a family hauler with an forlorn turn of utility. Today, a fifth-gen Odyssey is as worldly as any automobile on a highway – generally in a top-line Touring, finish with eyes to watch a outward as good as cameras within to watch a tiny people with CabinWatch (that works even in a dark) and a PA complement to scream during them (CabinTalk), if they aren’t already rapt examination a film from a 10.2-inch beyond screen. And it can still chair 8 rather comfortably. Cargo space behind a third quarrel stays useable, a low good housing a third quarrel seats when folded flat.

The new Odyssey looks good, too, a piece steel creased in Lamborghini-esque angles, a front finish scrupulously indignant with swift brows, a third-row window entrance adult brief of a bodywork to extent visible heft. It still blurts hockey mom, yet does so with a sexier flourish, highlighted by two-tone 19-inch wheels, LED headlamps and fogs and crab-claw LED taillamps in a Touring, a tip line of 6 trims.

And a Touring drives magnificently well. The reduction of a predecessors is still present, yet a 44 per cent some-more firm physique structure over a fourth-gen creates a new Odyssey feel most tighter and some-more sound, nonetheless some squeaks, rattles and noises injured a movable ride. Around town, a outpost can be roughly as still as an electric vehicle; on a highway, a tiny volume of breeze sound pours off a side mirrors and side glass.

Handling is excellent, a large brick holding to bends and corners distant improved than any minivan ever has. Electric steering is a tad light with reduction than accurate tracking, yet it’s yet easy to circle about. Step on a stifle and there’s copiousness of appreciative snarl from a revised, 3.5-litre V6. And there’s copiousness of acceleration, too, during a low and midst ranges. Now with 280 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque, a front-wheel expostulate Odyssey will strike 98 km/h in 6.6 seconds according to Car and Driver. That’s discerning for something that isn’t a sports car. And it comes with paddle shifters!

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Such substantial torque will yank during a steering circle underneath full acceleration, yet it’s good to have this engorgement of power, generally when there’s people and load aboard. The Odyssey never feels underpowered. Mated to a 10-speed automatic, a matrimony of engine and delivery is a best a Odyssey has ever seen: Shifts don’t hunt or linger, they usually snap, snap, snap by a gears. It’s an glorious powertrain, and returned a fuel economy normal of 16 L/100 kilometres in a week of impassioned cold with lots of idling. The long-term normal was 14.6.

Some fuel is recorded by a i-VTEC’s cylinder deactivation system, that was never noticed. Neither was auto-stop, that shuts down a engine during prolonged stops to save fuel. During a week, auto-stop never intent since it was so cold a outpost indispensable energy to keep a outpost warm. Which it was, always, yet a interior fan was excessively loud, even when warmed up. The feverishness in a front seats was fabulously generous, and a exhilarated steering circle was, of course, divine, solely a tiny light to uncover a exhilarated circle was on usually worked intermittently — and a behind seats do not have heat, that is peculiar in a outpost that costs $52,150 before taxes. The front seats in a Touring do get a ventilating duty for summer.

Those core quarrel seats are unique, in that possibly of a outdoor seats can slip into a core port, as good as shifting front and abaft to make entrance to a way, approach behind easier or to accept some-more cargo. Just don’t try to mislay those core seats, as they’re complicated and bulky. At slightest a tailgate opens automatically or with a wiggle of a foot. Transporting 8 people over a holidays, no one complained about space, even a lanky teenagers in a third row, dual of that remarkable how cold a outpost looked inside. Teenagers observant a minivan is hip? OK, Honda, you’re onto something.

Indeed, a interior is distant out, brah, with lots of configurable, easy-to-clean core storage, 15 crater holders, a wireless charging pad and appreciative ambient lighting to go with a well-designed array of buttons and switches. The transmision is also tranquil by buttons, that are infrequently shaped, generally reverse. While their rendezvous is simple, a PRND interface is usually weird. The driver’s chair needs some-more plane and straight composition too.

The categorical audio arrangement that controls many of a van’s functions couldn’t have been easier, though, even if a seven-inch arrangement lacks a delegate tuning doorknob to go with a volume knob. The shade also gets tarnished in unsightly fingerprints, yet a interface for mapping, phone, audio, climate, automobile settings and other functions is blessedly easy to operate.

“Easy” positively is a executive thesis of a 2018 Odyssey. And when life gets formidable with a attainment of children, owning a outpost that simplifies things is as changed as a load it carries.

  • Type of vehicle

    Eight-passenger minivan

  • Engine

    Direct-injected, 3.5-litre i-VTEC V6

  • Power

    280 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm; 262 lb.-ft. @ 4,700 rpm

  • Transmission

    10-speed involuntary with paddle shifters

  • Brakes

    Four-wheel front with ABS and electronic parking brake

  • Tires


  • Price: Base / As Tested


  • Destination Charge


  • Natural Resources Canada Fuel Economy

    (L/100km) 12.2 city, 8.5 highway, 10.6 combined

  • Standard Features

    10-speed involuntary with paddle shifters, sleet and eco pushing modes, automobile high beams, collision slackening braking, brazen collision warning, line depart warning, highway depart mitigation, lane-keep assist, acoustic glass, LED haze lights and headlamps and LED tail lamps, mudflaps, energy folding exhilarated side mirrors, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, sunroof, energy shifting doors, energy tailgate, 115-volt energy outlet, 3 12V outlets, 3 usb outlets, in-car PA system, cabin monitor, tri-zone automobile climate, behind chair party unit, Honda vacuum, remote starter, keyless locking and push-button start, exhilarated steering wheel, exhilarated and cooled front seats, Wi-Fi prohibited spot, ambient lighting, 550-watt audio with 11 speakers and subwoofer, rear-view camera with park support and more

  • Options


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