Mini Cooper JCW Hardtop essentials: One for a superfans

Fortunately, 236 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0-liter turbo-four comes on clever from only 1,250 rpm. we have no thought if you’d ever wish to strike a tip speed of 153 mph in this car; zooming around town, enjoying a JCW’s speed rather than any arrange of critical speed, is a approach to go in a Mini. Sport mode is sincerely assertive for bland pushing (mid is, we guessed it, only right) though we can always power things in by seizing control with a paddle shifters.

It’s tough to find something that competes directly with a JCW Hardtop given a footprint, pattern and output, though a list of comparable, primer transmission-optional new cars in a $30,000-$40,000 operation is hearteningly well-populated. Front-drive options embody a new Hyundai Veloster N, a Volkswagen Golf GTI (or even a AWD Golf R), a Honda Civic SI and for a time being, a Focus ST. There are rear-drive contenders like a Mazda MX-5/Fiat 124 Spider or even a comparatively plain Mustang GT. None are approach stand-ins for this tester, though all of them should be fun to autocross. And nothing of them will kick we adult as many as this JCW does on your daily commute.
Meanwhile on a other finish of a field, a same income gets we into a BMW 230i. And for about 6 grand more, we can get an M240i — by my book, a many constrained automobile a Bavarian automaker now offers, a destiny collectible and maybe something value stretching a bill for. Again, these rear-drive BMW coupes are totally opposite propositions than a front-drive Mini, though in this cost range, you’ve got options. Weigh them carefully.

My takeaway: A some-more infrequent Mini fan who will use their car essentially for travel and a occasional energetic backroad outing will get distant some-more value, and we think some-more daily enjoyment, out of a reduction impassioned Cooper or Cooper S. When it comes to a JCW, we have to really, unequivocally wish and/or need a a additional horsepower — and be peaceful to continue an mostly punishing float — to clear this estimable cost tag.

–Graham Kozak, facilities editor

Options: Premium Package with comfort entrance keyless entry, breathtaking moonroof, Mini fad package, reward audio ($1,800); Technology Package including Park Assist with front and back radar, Mini Connected, real-time trade ($1,750); competition involuntary delivery ($1,500); MiniYours lapis oppulance blue ($1,000); Cold Weather Package with exhilarated front seats ($750); satellite radio with 1-year subscription ($300); tone line intense red ($100)


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