Metro Transit Police make detain in conflict on dual Green Line riders

Faiz Siddiqui January 9 during 5:04 PM

Metro Transit Police arrested a 23-year-old D.C. male Tuesday on transgression conflict charges after he allegedly assaulted dual business during Navy Yard station.

Police pronounced Leon Quarles targeted a 59-year-old lady and a 39-year-old male after entering a hire around a time of a dusk rush.

Metro Transit Police arrested Leon Quarles, 23, on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, on guess of transgression assault.

According to Metro Transit Police, shortly before 5:50 p.m. Tuesday, Quarles approached a lady from behind and struck her in a head, knocking her unconscious. Police pronounced a lady fell a ground. She was hospitalized with fractures to her facial bones, mixed cuts and a concussion.

Authorities pronounced Quarles after walked adult to a male and punched him in a head. The male was examined by paramedics though declined serve medical attention, Metro said.

Police arrested Quarles during Navy Yard. Authorities pronounced he primarily resisted detain and after threatened to “shoot dual MTPD officers after his release.”

Metro pronounced that before a attack, Quarles had twice entered Navy Yard hire but paying. In one instance he arrived by sight and exited by an puncture gate. Authorities pronounced he afterwards went to a circuitously CVS where he allegedly shoplifted about $100 value of sell before reentering Navy Yard by a ADA transport embankment but paying.

Quarles was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, receiving stolen property, threats to do corporeal mistreat and unfinished conduct, Metro said.

The D.C. Council voted in Dec to decriminalize transport evasion, dropping rapist penalties in preference of a $50 polite infringement for a offense. Police did not assign Quarles with transport evasion. Metro had against a change.

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