Metro gets dumped by Miller Lite this New Year’s Eve, and riders will pay

Metro will stay open until 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve, yet holiday riders will have to compensate their fares — a change from a last two years. (iStock)

The good news: Metro is staying open late on New Year’s Eve.

The bad news: The complement will tighten one hour progressing than in prior years. There’s no corporate unite to account a additional service, so a late-night hours will be financed by taxpayer dollars.

And distinct final year, passengers won’t get free rides.

Who’s to blame? You can indicate a finger at MillerCoors, a Chicago-based drink brewing company that has sponsored extended New Year’s Eve hours on Metro for a past dual years.

This year, it motionless not to re-up a partnership with Metro, partial of a company’s annual “Free Rides” module to offer giveaway travel options and help deter inebriated driving.

Jenna Perlman, mouthpiece for MillerCoors, said the association tries to swap between movement systems in opposite regions around a nation — a spread-the-wealth proceed in gripping with a holiday spirit.

“As partial of a Free Rides program, we mostly stagger a cities and communities in that we have a presence,” Perlman said.

This year, a association is profitable to finance New Year’s Eve movement use in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Phoenix, she said. The District of Columbia, alas, is not on a list.

And yet a Washington Metro is losing out on a Miller Lite-branded use funding this year, Perlman forked out that Washingtonians can still relief themselves of some beer-sponsored travel on New Year’s Eve. MillerCoors is one of several companies partnering with a Washington Regional Alcohol Program, a internal drunken-driving-prevention group, to offer a understanding for complimentary rides … on Lyft.


The miss of a New Year’s Eve benefactor might be an unlucky pointer for Metro’s destiny promotion prospects. Pushed by a possess house of directors, as good as a region’s politicians, Metro officials are aiming to ramp adult their promotion income in entrance years.

Finding new advertisers, transit officials say, competence be a pivotal to offsetting an increasingly parsimonious handling budget. Metro’s due bill for a 2019 mercantile year projects that it will boost promotion income by $2 million.

But that boost from advertisers and corporate sponsors might be easier pronounced than done.

Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld pronounced progressing this month that a group attempted to find someone else to swoop in and collect adult a add-on for New Year’s Eve service. In general, it costs about $100,000 per hour to run additional use opposite a whole Metro system. In a end, it couldn’t find anyone else peaceful to put adult a money.

“We reached out to people but, we know, they make their decisions formed on what creates clarity for them,” Wiedefeld said.

So, this year’s window of extended Metro hours will finish progressing than final year’s: On New Year’s Eve, Metro’s rail complement will stay open until 2 a.m., that is 3 hours after than a normal Sunday hours.

Holiday revelers will compensate off-peak fares via a day, trimming from $2 to $3.85, depending on distance.

All designed rail upkeep work will cease that night. Metro will giveaway on New Year’s Day during 8 a.m. and stay open until 11 p.m. Buses will work on a unchanging Sunday report on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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