Mercedes-Benz GLC automobile was underneath care in a product formulation stage

With a launch of a all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – an SUV a code calls a sportiest indication nonetheless – there’s substantially good reason that buyers competence pattern other, even sportier derivatives.

It is tenable that zero is sportier than a convertible. And according to a male obliged for Mercedes-Benz engineering for all things built off a MRA height that underpins a mid-sized Merc models, Michael Kelz, a automobile was indeed “discussed” forward of a new swoopy-roofed four-door model’s phenomenon during a 2016 New York automobile show.

Kelz suggested that in a early stages, a company’s growth and engineering teams discussed a thought of a two-door coupe and a automobile chronicle of a GLC, though there were complications.


He pronounced that a supposed four-door coupe bodystyle for that a German code has turn synonymous by proceed of a CLS and, some-more recently, a CLA, GLE Coupe and now the new GLC Coupe, was not an afterthought, though rather a vicious cause in a growth routine for a GLC range.

“They were grown concurrently, since already from a commencement of a pattern we took in to comment that we also would have to do a coupe,” Kelz pronounced of a four-door coupe and five-door automobile versions.

“This gives us a good event to really, already, for a production-line credentials and so on we have opportunities to do a coupe behind though large split of a body,” he said.

“For us it was unequivocally critical that we have another proceed with that car.


“Already from a commencement that was taken into account. It was already what was designed on a architecture,” Kelz forked out.

So, since not a two-door coupe?

“It was always going to be a four-door because, only from a roominess, and also in a behind it’s unequivocally big. There’s scarcely no disproportion to a unchanging one since we are sitting 10 millimetres lower, and a slight tiny bit some-more upright. But also from a roominess in a rear, it’s unequivocally big, so unequivocally comfortable, and also a case space is unequivocally good, 60 litres reduction than a unchanging one though still 500, so still unequivocally good.

“For that reason we pronounced also, no, we need 4 doors. And from a design, this is no problem,” he explained.


Kelz pronounced there was no care paid to creation a two-door coupe chronicle of a GLC due to a fact it might be too large of a source from a extensive GLC body.

“We did not cruise this, since finally, from a unsentimental standpoint if we have such a lot of space in a behind we also wish to have access. So, also we consider this does not jeopardise a design, character of a car,” he said.

It seems, then, that a automobile would now be ruled out, too. But there’s clearly a flourishing trend for German makers to pull a bounds with high-riding drop-top models, including Volkswagen with a recently suggested T-Cross Breeze tiny SUV. Heck, Range Rover is building an Evoque convertible (pictured below), and they’re one of a smaller oppulance players on a market.

So, since wouldn’t Benz build one like a Evoque?


“To build a automobile out of such a automobile it would have to unequivocally change a lot of things underneath a body,” pronounced Kelz. “The automobile is designed, it was designed, to be a lightweight automobile to grasp fuel expenditure and so on. And to build a automobile we have to supplement element to a building vessel area,” he said, indicating that a weight of such a indication would make it formidable to produce.

“To make a automobile we have to put some-more element in,” he said.

“We had this doubt in a beginning,” Kelz said, before going on to advise there was not sufficient marketplace direct for such a automobile during this indicate in time.

Axel Benseler, GLC product manager, serve explained that a automobile SUV isn’t on a cards during this point.


“Actually right now we don’t unequivocally see a shred there. We don’t hear from a marketplace that there’s a need right now for an SUV cabriolet,” he said.

“We have so many roadsters and convertibles already in a portfolio, afterwards carrying another one formed on an SUV would just, we know, it cuts a cake in smaller pieces in a way,” Benseler said.

Kelz stretched on that point.

“We have already several convertibles, so we deliberate during a automobile in a off-road car, in a end… it has an impact on production, no doubt. But afterwards we have to do to dual doors, so we figured out during this indicate in time that if we wish to have a unequivocally good automobile with low weight it does not make clarity actually, so we concentration on a other coupes and convertibles we have,” he said.

When asked if a thought of a automobile SUV is something too outlandish for a Mercedes-Benz customer to swallow, Kelz seemed to spirit that there is still a possibility for something along those lines in a future.


“There’s never a step too far. But finally we have always to plead a applicable architectures – what we wish it to do, what we don’t wish it to do, how do we ready a pattern for those things,” he pronounced of a fact that a off-road models have some-more hardcore underpinnings that would serve impact a weight of a car.

“And also finally we saw in that conditions that we can't sell too many convertibles worldwide – like not in China, and everywhere that a automobile is not such a large focus. And that was a reason for us that we consider it’s improved to go with a coupe.

“This [mid-size SUV segment] in a universe marketplace is unequivocally a unequivocally good segment, and we see with a response with a convertibles to coupes that in a coupe marketplace we are unequivocally most improved positioned to sell a car.

“We have a lot of convertibles, no doubt – we are a automobile automobile code – though not in this model,” he said.

“Maybe there are other ideas, though we can't tell you!” Kelz surmised.

Tell us what we consider – would a drop-top SUV from Mercedes-Benz get your vote?

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