Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe AMG Dynamic (2018) review

The Mercedes-Benz E300 Coupe is already a medium performer, so what’s left with a obtuse E200?

What’s new?

When Mercedes-Benz launched a two-door E-Class in Thailand final year, it motionless to arm a latest-generation coupe with a medium four-cylinder petrol engine rather than a meatier V6.

That somehow shows that a Thai Mercedes bureau believes that intensity buyers are some-more endangered about a E-Class Coupe’s looks and picture rather than a intensity pushing performance.

Which is since a country’s heading oppulance nameplate has motionless to drop serve in a cost ranks by introducing an even reduction manly chronicle in a guise of a 184hp E200.

As we can see in a concomitant graph, a E200 and E300 share a same simple engine though are tuned differently. Sure, a knee-jerk greeting right now would be either that tiny cost advantage of 150k is value a ordering of scarcely 60 ponies.

And notwithstanding being on a Thai marketplace for a somewhat longer time in a stream generation, a farthest a C-Class Coupe has ever forsaken to is a 211hp C250 model. Is Mercedes unfortunate with a bigger coupe of a two?

What’s cool?

Despite being pitched as an entry-level chronicle in a E-Class Coupe indication range, a E200 diagnosis hasn’t spoiled a car’s visible and pleasing seductiveness interjection to a identical AMG Dynamic trim.

The E200’s cabin feels usually as wealthy as in a E300 and facilities a grand and minute fascia pattern to righteously feel some-more upmarket than a smaller C-Class Coupe, that is a genuine opposition to a Audi A5 Coupe, BMW 4 Series Coupe and Lexus RC; a E-Class is though a approach competitor.

Although a E-Class Coupe is fundamentally a tavern reflection with dual reduction portals, a framework and doing feels somewhat beefier and firmer. That’s utterly a good thing since coupe buyers might wish to have a sporty corner while driving.

What’s not?

It’s no other than a engine, a categorical indicate of seductiveness in this exam drive. In this sole Merc application, a 2.0-litre petrol-turbo section doesn’t feel punchy adequate even during real-world speeds. 

No, it isn’t totally lifeless. But it doesn’t enthuse any pushing fun nor give a well-tuned framework a energy it deserves to exploit. At times, a E200 feels like it’s using a naturally aspirated motor.

Buy or bye?

The preference by any carmaker in charity a price-leading chronicle of any specific indication operation should be welcomed due to reasons of affordability. Which is since a E200 should demeanour nice, though not when there’s usually a 150,000 baht advantage over a E300.

Unless we merely value a picture and looks of a E200, we’d still go for a E300 even if it won’t indispensably set your pulses racing.

But here lies a problem: a E300 Coupe isn’t sole in Thailand anymore that is since business of it should provide themselves lucky. 

Of course, poseurs will substantially not find a E200’s so-so opening as an issue. That’s since a preceding era indication managed to sell with this badge.

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