McLaren to build latest Longtail in singular numbers

In 2016, my co-worker during a Sunday Times Thomas Falkiner and we found ourselves with a pivotal to a McLaren 675LT early one morning on a island of Tenerife.

We were there to expostulate a 570GT though a good people during McLaren had brought along a 675LT for any of a journos who had not gifted it to have a brief drive.

It competence have been a brief drive, though it was one of a best of my life. The turn of hold defied a laws of physics. It belted into a corner, hung on like a cat on a bend and afterwards rocketed out with a neck differing turn of acceleration. It was an implausible square of opening engineering. It was also comfortable.

Now a association has suggested a latest LT, or Longtail, in a form of a 600LT. We brought we some view pics and info final week though here is a genuine thing in a metal, or during slightest in pics taken in a studio. It will make a entrance during a Goodwood Festival of Speed in a UK so we will see it there first.

Bespoke features

Like a 675LT, a 600LT adopts a name of a famous McLaren FT GTR Longtail competition car, a name that infers some-more performance, reduced weight and bespoke features.

In terms of weight, it is 96kg lighter than a 570S coupe on that it is based. McLaren claims that roughly a entertain of a tools have been altered on a automobile — 23% to be exact.

“The McLaren 600LT is usually a fourth Longtail McLaren in some-more than dual decades,” says Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive. “The McLaren F1 GTR Longtail that began a origin was one of a purest competition cars in complicated motorsport history. The 675LT resurrected a worshiped name, formulating a purest solution of a perfect pushing pleasure embodied by all McLaren cars.

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