McLaren GT 2019: central images, specs, prices and UK recover date

McLaren has launched a new GT, a British marque’s many unsentimental and “refined” supercar to date.

Previewed only dual months ago during a Geneva Motor Show, a new automobile denounced currently aims to mix a pushing knowledge of a company’s high-performance supercar operation with a comfort and many of a grand tourer – hence a GT name. 

McLaren says a new GT doesn’t heed to a stream hyper, super and sports categories. Instead, a automobile will parent a new grand tourer array and will be assimilated subsequent year by a 250mph Speedtail.

With a orders books now open, here’s all we need to know about McLaren’s grand tourer:

Price and release 

Buyers can place their sequence for a new GT from today, with deliveries due to get underneath proceed after this year. 

Prices start during £163,000, yet WhatCar? says it’s “worth observant that many business during this finish of a marketplace will go distant over that” once discretionary extras are total to a car’s cost tag.


The new indication has a sleeker, easier pattern than a firm’s 570S and 720S supercars, and bears a distinguished similarity to a Ferrari F430 supercar from 2005. 

At a front, a GT has a thinner headlight character than a touring-focused 570GT, and a nose is noticeably aloft than other models in a company’s range.  

Moving serve back, a GT sports Senna-esque intakes behind a doors to cold a mid-mounted engine, while a second atmosphere channel above a behind spindle should assistance channel airflow towards a wing. 

At a behind is a twin-exit empty complement that sits nearby a bottom of a car, only above a vast diffuser. The multi-spoke wheels, meanwhile, are matching to those on a 570GT and 675LT Spider, despite with a slight tweak to a design. 

Finally, a roof is accessible in shimmer black as standard, yet buyers can spec a potion breathtaking roof that lets some-more light into a cabin.


Interior pattern is pivotal in a grand tourer, generally if drivers devise on regulating their GT for week-long highway trips opposite Europe. 

Therefore, a British marque has total a “focused, minimalist proceed with a raft of new oppulance touches”, says Autocar. These embody a span of furloughed seats that are disdainful to a GT operation and are tailored for “long-distance comfort”, along with an softened infotainment complement that can be used to control both in-car media and meridian settings. 

Later this year, business will be means to spec cashmere upholstery, that is a initial for a prolongation car, a motoring repository says.

Despite a some-more lush approach, a cabin blueprint is roughly matching to McLaren’s other supercars. The steering wheel, for instance, has been plucked from a 720S, while a centre console is subsequent from a firm’s sports array cars. 


Supercars aren’t traditionally famous for their luggage space, yet McLaren is looking to rewrite a rulebook with a GT. 

The cell above a mid-mounted engine has 420 litres value of storage – “enough for a integrate of suitcases during a really least”, says WhatCar?. There’s also a tiny 150-litre boot in front of a cockpit for smaller bags. 

Add it all adult and we get 570 litres, that a reviews site says is some-more than some family SUVs, including a Volvo XC40 and Nissan Qashqai.

Engine and performance

Early rumours suggested that a GT would adopt a same 3.8-litre V8 engine as a 570S and 600LT range. 

However, a association has now reliable it is versed with a newer 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that powers a 720S and Senna hypercar, nonetheless in a somewhat detuned form.

The engine produces 611bhp, 99bhp reduction than a 720S, and 465lb ft of torque, says Evo. Peak torque comes in between 5,500 and 6,500rpm, yet 95% of it is accessible during only 3,000rpm, definition a GT should have copiousness of “shove” even when cruising in a high gear.  

Power is channelled to a behind wheels around a seven-speed involuntary gearbox, assisting a GT launch from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds before attack a tip speed of 203mph, a repository adds.

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