McLaren 675LT & Lamborghini Aventador SV impounded in Canada

Two Canadian drivers have had their supercars, including a McLaren 675LT and a Lamborghini Aventador SV, impounded after being held speeding on their approach to a racetrack.

The drivers, both aged 22, were held on a frame of Lougheed Highway, in British Columbia, Canada, allegedly pushing 138km/h in an 80km/h zone. Royal Canadian Mounted Police squandered no time in interlude a men, who eventually had their Lamborghini and McLaren vehicles impounded.

According to reports, a span were also handed a $368 excellent and slapped with 3 demerit points. Police also contend one of a supercars was propitious with a military radar showing complement – that competence not have been switched on in this case.

What creates this box some-more engaging is a fact that of a dual drivers, a McLaren motorist was on his novice, or ‘N’ looseness – a homogeneous to a P-plate in Australia. The span were apparently creation their approach out to a track-day eventuality during Mission Raceway, not distant from where they were nabbed. Traffic Sgt. Bruce McCowan has given released a statement, saying:

“This widen of Lougheed Highway is a series one problem area when it comes to extreme speed. We have seen too many comfortless outcomes where all a motorist indispensable to do was only delayed down.”

According to a CTVNews report, a Ridge Meadows Royal Canadian Mounted Police contend that of a 472 speeding tickets they’ve released this year, a third of those have been on a same widen of highway these supercars were caught.

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