McLaren 600LT: PH Dream Drive

Road closed. It rained final night in Palm Springs and there’s 4 feet of silt now covering Box Canyon Road. That highway is one of a reasons I’m here, nonetheless a male in a pick-up lorry can’t get through, so I’ve no chance. I’m looking during it now on Google maps. Damn, it looks so good, nonetheless I’m not certain a people during McLaren will be too happy if we try. I’m here to expostulate a 600LT and off-roading’s not in a schedule. That and I’m not certain that when McLaren combined a nose lift to it they were devising 4ft of mudslide.

You substantially know about McLaren’s LT array by now, Matt’s driven it around a Hungaroring, and, urm, enjoyed it. It’s like RS is to Porsche: lighter, sharper, some-more visceral, with a lane focussed and a selection to concede that. It harks behind to a F1 GTR Longtails that were required to keep a three-seater idol rival during Le Mans. All a best cars have some enemy story behind them, and a LT’s no different.

It is longer than a 570S it’s formed on too, by 74mm if you’re counting, that advantage assisting with a aero. The 600LT is a initial LT formed on McLaren’s Sports Series line-up, McLaren’s prior iterations being a 675LT and a Spider relation. Unlike them it’s for a hoi polloi; no singular array array car, everybody can have one, with McLaren building as many as it can sell over a march of a year or so. There’ll be a Spider too, so get your sequence in now, presumption you’re one of a masses with £185,000 to hand, or, some-more expected £220,000-£240,000 if we start ticking choice boxes.

You’ll need to if we wish to grasp a limit mass reduction. Seats from a Senna? That’ll be £10 bashful of £5,000 for serve 3.6kg over a already 21kg lighter seats. Sitting in them, they’re value any penny, nonetheless we’d abandon a giveaway choice of A/C and audio undo even if losing them drops 16kg. It’s prohibited in a desert, even after it’s rained, and as marvellous as a top-exiting exhausts sound, we like some song or a news in a automobile when a roads are boring.

I conflict a enticement to glow on a radio by a Joshua Tree National Park, that is reached around a significantly reduction sparkling highway rather than by a blocked canyon. Joshua Tree is beautiful, a highway magnificent, a aspect perfect, circuitous a approach by a large country, punctuated by places for tourists to stop, wander, consternation and take pics. The 600LT is a theme of many a snap. There are copiousness of Park Rangers about, a smattering of police, and some hugely limiting speed limits. There’s genuine intensity here, if you’re happy to compensate a speeding fine. I’m not, so we take in a view, and cruise a 600LT’s low-speed prowess.

Like Matt, we gathering it around a Hungaroring, nonetheless it’s here, on a highway that a 600LT unequivocally has to work. Like a 675LT, McLaren’s pulled a bit of a blinder, a framework divulgence a extended bandwidth of capability. Sure, a springs are stiffer (13 per cent during a front and 34 per cent during a behind over a 570S) while a vale hurl bars rigidity is adult 50 per cent during a front and 25 per cent during a rear, nonetheless a framework people have worked some alchemy.

The 600LT’s concentration could, and maybe should, be a undoing on a road, nonetheless it usually isn’t. It stays supple, roving with genuine comfort, carrying off a same pretence as a 570S, usually with a bit some-more detail. There’s a proviso, of course, that being not to disaster with a framework environment and switch it from Normal to Sport, or Track. Do that and it adds magnitude to a ride, a shake clear immediately, a damping in Normal holding a dilemma off – firm, nonetheless never unsettling. Yes, it’s some-more frozen than a 570S, nonetheless that’s a point, a advantage being tie and feel, rather than anything we could honestly report as a compromise.

Joshua Tree’s beauty doesn’t gorge a progressing disappointment of blank that Canyon road, nonetheless there’s salvation. Later a 600LT will be indicating a nose adult Highway 74, ‘The Palms to Pines Highway’ climbing out from Palm Springs and into a San Jacinto Mountains. There a dried silt changes to immature forest, a highway like someone’s draped a rollercoaster over a topography. There are enlightened cambers, blind crests and drops, evident instruction changes that unsettle, plea and thrill. It’s a highway I’ve driven a few times before, in other cars, with a pain of a $400 excellent still uninformed in my memory.

Fiscal worries shortly disappear as a highway climbs divided from a golf clubs of a retirement city below, into a timberland above. The 600LT is in a component here, a common changes to a chassis, suspension, brakes and engine adding adult to a some-more engaging, stirring whole. A 570S would be shining adult here, no question, nonetheless a LT is something else, a Senna booster-equipped 720S brakes definitely resolute, permitting late, heart-stopping braking before entering a bends, a fortitude when doing so being so reassuring, giving a steering a best event to turn-in with genuine precision. You need that, nonetheless a space of a track, and with a further of approaching trade a 600LT has to be parsimonious and controlled, not slightest to sojourn on a right side of a yellow line that we daren’t cranky in a US.

Even here, a framework is set to normal, nonetheless it’s value changeable a delivery to Track, where we advantage a fastest shift, nonetheless a crude sluggishness force that signals any upshift with a jar in a Sport setting. McLaren’s people contend some people like it. I’m not one of them, quite if you’re grabbing another ratio exiting a corner, where all it does is upset a LT’s differently excellent balance.

The highway keeps giving, a trade mercifully light, a relentless titillate from a turbocharged 3.8-litre turbocharged V8 corroborated with a framework to feat it. The engine’s a screamer, a approach it relentlessly chases a final few thousand revs is hugely addictive, with a bellow from a exhausts usually adding to a epicurean appeal. The paddles orchestrating it, like all else about a 600LT are characterised by an immediate, positive response. The car’s core interest is found among such details: a devalue of abdominal input, control weights and feel, all of that reward, plea and excite in equal measure.

There’s view out there, pleasing it is too, nonetheless we don’t care, a immersive knowledge of a LT on this highway all that matters. It is so good that a enticement to spin around and do it all again is unfit to resist. There’s some lane time later, nonetheless that can wait, we know a LT’s good on track, so a turn-out is located and we conduct behind down a hill.

Bigger stops, sobriety and slope ask some-more on a lapse journey, nonetheless a LT’s line is always resolute, a stop pedal positive and a bespoke Trofeo Rs invariable in their grip. There’s a frolic to a chassis, McLaren’s wiring progressing undisguised control, nonetheless permitting movement, adjustability and slip. That it’s so exploitable is essential – it’s formidable to suppose carrying some-more fun here in anything else. A GT3 RS would be a many apparent foe, nonetheless that’s roughly too predicted a choice, a LT being different, some-more considered, and, to some, positively some-more appealing since it’s from Woking rather than Weissach.

The final end after all a climbing and forward is Thermal club. Thermal is where people who prolonged stopped counting a zeros on their bank accounts move their cars, a private lane bar where a cost of entrance is to build a residence – or some-more rightly an indescribably large garage with vital space – and fly into a circuitously private airfield for a play. It’s next-level supercar, hypercar tenure and pushing and a cost of entrance is out of strech for most. Even so, we adore that it exists.

Much a same could be pronounced for a LT. On a track, as advertised, it delivers, and in ideal measure. Sensationally quick, definitely predicted and true in a response, nonetheless exploitable and entertaining, too, this is a McLaren that brings mass to a firm’s many permitted range, and, is arguably a best automobile it makes. Among those we embody a Senna, nonetheless I’ve nonetheless to try that one on a road. Anyone got a bulldozer, and an airfreight enclosure that’ll fit a be-winged flagship to find out? we consider we know a ideal road. But it’d be good to be sure.

3,799cc, twin-turbo V8
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automobile (SSG), rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 600@7,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 457@5,500-6,500rpm
0-62mph: 2.9sec
Top speed: 204mph
Weight: 1,356kg (DIN kerbweight, nonetheless driver)
MPG: 24.1
CO2: 276g/km (WLTP)
Price: £185,500 as standard

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