McLaren 12C Review


What is it?

McLaren’s duration arise over a past 6 years is good documented. The launch of a MP4-12C heralded a attainment of McLaren Automotive, and while a greatest McLaren F1 and oddity Mercedes SLR lay above it on a company’s family tree, this was a new dawn. A whole operation of cars, done in critical numbers, to take on a class establishment.

Things didn’t start superbly. Reaction to a MP4-12C – renamed 12C partway by a life – had a lukewarm tinge, with a garland of people awaiting a second entrance of a F1 left unsated.

But now that cars like a P1 and 675LT have scrupulously determined McLaren in a supercar arena, and guaranteed it’s here for a prolonged time to come, those early cars are holding on something of a new life. Some are suggesting they’re collectors’ equipment in watchful – a rare, profitable ‘McLaren #1’ that will be an critical partial of sports automobile collections of a near future.

So a fact they now start during £100,000 means a word ‘bargain’ competence not be so throwaway here. It also means a initial instance of one of McLaren’s Super Series cars is absolutely cheaper than a Sports Series cars start during new (the 540C starts during £126,000). Is this a supercar for the canny?

Like any McLaren that’s followed since, a 12C’s core consists of dual pivotal components: a CO ‘MonoCell’ framework tub, and a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. The former helps secure a unbending nonetheless light structure (and a somewhat ungainly sill to stand over), a latter stupendous performance.

It launched in 2011, with a 562bhp Ferrari 458 Italia as a arch rival. Yet a 12C hammered all over it on paper, rising with 592bhp and after upgrading to 616bhp, adequate to take a 1.4 tonnes to 207mph, around a 3.1sec 0-60mph time. A discerning poke online suggests those opening total are conservative, though.

But with a claimed 24mpg, it was a usability that would unequivocally set it detached from a Italian rival. Along with fishbowl prominence pleasantness of a outrageous windscreen, a spookily ease float peculiarity from a Proactive Chassis Control complement and a accessible doing traits aided by a Brake Steer setup (brake-based torque vectoring, in effect), it valid absurdly easy to expostulate for a mid-engined, rear-drive supercar.

It launched in 2011 as a two-door coupe, a MP4-12C. It perceived a few updates over a years, many of that could be retrofitted to existent cars, and ranged from a energy travel to new program for a infamously peculiar IRIS infotainment system.

In 2012, a Spider chronicle launched, and both cars were renamed ‘12C’, presumably to make pub braggadocio reduction of a mouthful. The Spider possesses a folding steel roof, that drops electronically, yet means we no longer get a potion engine cover. You competence consider a trade-off value it for a additional sensations of pushing open-top. We’ve got one of those here, in carbon-draped 50th Anniversary Edition form. Fifty were done of any physique style, in 2013, and it shows off lots of a ‘MSO’ extras we can spec on McLarens used and new.

The automobile continued prolongation until 2014, when it was superseded by a 650S, that in outcome was a complicated facelift of a 12C. Before a replacement, though, McLaren combined some-more goodies, including a front-lift complement for improved clearing a nose over speed bumps, and correct buttons on a doors in place of a lofty swiping process that done early cars strangely wily simply to get in. Over 3,400 12Cs were made, sales separate 60/40 in a coupe’s favour.

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