Mazda launches updated CX-3 in Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun usurpation pre-orders for a updated Mazda CX-3 during dealerships around Japan. An ideal crossover SUV for singles or immature couples, a CX-3 has perceived a vital refurbish and a special book named Exclusive Mods that facilities low red Nappa leather upholstery has been total to a lineup. Sales start on May 31.1

Mazda CX-3 XD Exclusive Mods
Mazda CX-3 XD Exclusive Mods

Mazda CX-3 XD Exclusive Mods

Working to a thesis of “Exquisite Edgy,” a group done improvements in design, engines, doing and safety. As a result, a new indication offers aloft environmental and reserve opening and pushing opening that engenders a clarity of togetherness for all on house in common pushing situations

The redesigned indication adopts tools of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture2 to keep a CX-3’s glorious doing as a compress automobile while charity gentle pushing around city and on longer drives. Aiming to make a CX-3 even some-more fun to expostulate while providing a quieter and some-more gentle ride, a group revised a cessation tuning, adopted newly grown tires3 and chose higher-damping urethane for a front seats.

For both engine options, efforts focused on realizing high levels of both pushing pleasure and environmental performance. A new 1.8-liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine improves potency and emissions opening in common pushing situations. It also enhances Mazda’s manageable pushing feel with clever torque during high rpms for absolute and well-spoken acceleration. The SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter gasoline engine adopts a same innovations as in a updated Mazda CX-5, including edge-cut piston heads and high-dispersion injectors. These new technologies urge torque around a whole rev operation and minister to improved real-world fuel efficiency.

Design improvements, including changes to a front grille, LED back multiple lamps and aluminum wheels, are directed during formulating a feeling of a higher-class vehicle. Inside, a core console has been redesigned and a serve of an electric parking brake, core armrest and multi-box raise comfort and revoke fatigue.

In terms of safety, a rested CX-3 is a initial indication to adopt an updated chronicle of Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) with extended ability to detect pedestrians during night. This and other reserve features, such as Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)4 with Stop Go,5 a 360° View Monitor,6 and an auto-dimming rearview counterpart assistance a motorist commend intensity dangers both day and night.

The Exclusive Mods special book facilities low red Nappa leather upholstery for a demeanour of peculiarity and maturity. In multiple with a white interior trim, it creates an edgy, civic atmosphere.

“The judgment behind a CX-3 was to emanate a customary for a new era, and we’ve worked tough to develop a indication in response to patron feedback,” pronounced Michio Tomiyama, module manager for a model. “Moving forward, we will continue efforts to urge a product in ways that business will conclude in bland pushing scenarios and raise a essential value that cars offer. Working to assistance emanate a destiny in that cars can co-exist with people, multitude and a earth, we will heighten people’s lives with an knowledge of car-ownership that celebrates a fun of pushing and build a clever romantic tie with customers.”

Updates to a Mazda CX-3

 1. Advances in handling

  • – Aiming for reassuring, discerning and manageable handling, a group incorporated some of a technologies of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, that is resolutely grounded in a company’s human-centered pattern truth and draws out people’s fundamental capabilities. Improvements were done to a front dampers, front stabilizers and curl springs, and a G-Vectoring Control and electric energy steering systems were delicately tuned to grasp even smoother changes in automobile posture.
  • – Newly grown 18-inch tires with a softer straight open and optimized rubber and step mix with a some-more manageable cessation to uniformly catch any impact from a highway surface. Ride comfort is extended by severely shortening a impact and ensuing oscillations of flitting over a corner in a road.
  • – A quieter cabin has been achieved by augmenting a density of front- and rear-door outdoor panels, creation a rear-door window potion as thick as that of a front-door (4 mm), improving a doorway seals and a sound-absorbing properties of a headliner. The new tires also revoke upsetting highway sound by suppressing vibrations from a highway surface.
  • – Cushions in a front seats use a same high-damping urethane as those in a Mazda CX-8, a high-end SUV. Its aloft damping and vibration-reducing properties safeguard gentle seating and urge float quality.

 2. Advances in a engine lineup

  • – Aiming to yield loyal value to customers, efforts focused on achieving even aloft levels of pushing pleasure and environmental opening in situations drivers face on a daily basis. Advances in both a gasoline and diesel engines directed during achieving improved speed control and a response that improved matches a driver’s operation of a accelerator pedal.
  • – The prior 1.5-liter diesel engine has been transposed by a newly grown SKYACTIV-D 1.8-liter diesel engine to urge real-world fuel economy and emissions performance. With ultra-high-response multi-hole injectors and a variable-geometry turbocharger, it produces clever torque during aloft rpms for well-spoken and absolute acceleration.
  • – Aiming to urge real-world economy, grasp an even faster response and revoke noxious gases in empty emissions, a SKYACTIV-G 2.0 has been updated with a same new technologies as that in a recently updated CX-5. These embody low-friction pistons with edge-cut heads, new high-dispersion injectors and other enhancements that urge torque around a whole rpm range, minister to improved real-world fuel economy and concede discerning speed control in common pushing situations.

 3. Design enhancements

  • – The radical nonetheless polished beauty of a CX-3 has been serve extended underneath a thesis of “Exquisite Edgy.”
  • – For a exterior, enhancements were done to a grille, a LED multiple lamps and a aluminum wheels. Fog flare bezels and post garnishes in shimmer black and chrome side ornament moldings give a sense of a aloft category vehicle.
  • – Changes in a cabin focused not usually on improving a interior design, though on enhancing altogether ease-of-use formed on a human-centered philosophy. The adoption of an electric parking stop authorised a finish redesign of a core console, including a serve of an armrest and stretchable storage box. A core armrest with inbuilt crater holders was total to a back chair for comfort and convenience.
  • – Materials and colors for a instrument panel, chair upholstery and doorway trim were comparison to emanate a mature cabin atmosphere odd in vehicles of this size.

 4. Advances in safety

  • – The rested CX-3 is a initial indication to adopt an updated chronicle of Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) with extended ability to detect pedestrians in a dark. With a same lineup of modernized reserve technologies as Mazda’s high-end models, a CX-3 supports protected pushing both day and night.
  • – With Stop Go functionality, Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) can now move a automobile to a finish stop, permitting a motorist to relax and suffer a drive.
  • – A 360° View Monitor is accessible as a bureau commissioned choice for all indication grades, charity assent of mind even for reduction assured drivers.
  • – An auto-dimming rearview counterpart is customary apparatus on all indication grades.

Overview of a Exclusive Mods special edition

Combining a reward feel with civic chic, a Exclusive Mods special book is a new flagship of a CX-3 lineup. Specially comparison materials and colors emanate an irritable and complicated look.

Base model

  • 20S L Package and XD L Package with SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed involuntary transmission

Special features

  • – Exclusive interior coordination, including low red Nappa leather upholstery and white lurch trim
  • – 18-inch aluminum wheels with dim shimmer paint
  • – Windscreen and front-door window potion that cuts ultra-violet and infra-red rays

Body colors

  • A choice of 6 physique colors, incompatible Titanium Flash Mica and Eternal Blue Mica

Manufacturer’s suggested sell prices

(* indication shown in photo)

  • In serve to a MSRP above, a recycling cost of 11,120 yen contingency be paid during a time of purchase.
  • If a special physique colors Soul Red Crystal, Machine Gray and Snow Flake White Pearl Mica are selected, a cost increases by 64,800 yen, 54,000 yen, and 32,400 yen respectively (including taxation in all cases.)
  • The above WLTC fuel economy total are for models but i-ELOOP. Please impute to Mazda Official Website for total for models versed with i-ELOOP.
  • 1 Production of a 20S Exclusive Mods and a XD Exclusive Mods will start on Jul 1, 2018.
  • 2 SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture denotes constructional technologies for next-generation vehicles grown around consummate concentration of human-centered pattern beliefs and a concentration on vehicle-total optimization over section functionality.
  • 3 The 16-inch tires accessible as partial of a factory-installed set choice for a 20S and XD will be a same as those on prior model.
  • 4 Standard apparatus on all indication grades solely 20S and XD.
  • 5 Able to follow a automobile in front underneath certain conditions from a finish stop adult to highway speeds; accessible usually for models with an involuntary transmission; primer delivery models comes with Mazda Radar Cruise Control able of following a automobile in front from approximately 30 km/h adult to highway speeds
  • 6 Available as a factory-installed choice for all indication grades.
  • 7 WLTC exam cycle fuel economy total listed here have been totalled underneath pre-determined exam conditions and surveyed by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Fuel expenditure is influenced by pushing conditions (weather, trade conditions, etc.) and pushing character (rapid acceleration, use of atmosphere conditioning, etc.)
    WLTC: A tellurian exam cycle consisting of city, suburban and highway modes total to simulate normal use times.
    City mote: Simulates pushing during comparatively low speeds with trade lights and congestion.
    Suburban mode: Simulates pushing with reduction change from trade lights and congestion
    Highway mode: Simulates pushing on a highway

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