Mazda issues remember for some new CX-5 SUVs due to production mishap

Due to what it calls an “inappropriate production process,” Mazda is arising a reserve remember for a collection of a new 2018 CX-5 SUVs in North America. 

The automaker reports in a news recover a remember affects a reported 682 vehicles in North America. Mazda says that in some 2018 CX-5 models, there is a risk a atmosphere bags won’t reveal or scrupulously muster in a eventuality of a crash. 

While there have been no reports of crashes or injuries associated to a recall, Mazda says that this forsake leads to a increasing risk of damage in a eventuality of a crash. The remember deals with a screen atmosphere bags, that strengthen a motorist and any passengers in a eventuality of a rollover crash. 

The automaker is in communication with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, though has not expelled a remember presentation date. As CNET notes, a tiny series of car influenced in this remember represents a quick-catch by Mazda on a problem with one of a some-more renouned models. 

To hunt active recalls, use a NHTSA’s website to hunt your 17-character VIN at this link. VIN numbers are typically located underneath a driver’s side windshield, or along a inside of a doors behind a chair or underneath a steering wheel. To pointer adult for NHTSA reserve alerts for a specific vehicle, pointer up at this link. 

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