Mazda Engages Prospects With Nationwide Tour

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Mazda is holding a CX-5 on a
cross-country debate to assistance representation a car to impending customers. 

The 15-city, national “Experience a All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5” debate will concentration on showing
prospects because pushing a Mazda is so special and exposing them to a automaker’s proceed to craftsmanship, engineering and design, and how that is embodied in a all-new CX-5.

cross-country debate will embody “Intercept” events, or a some-more normal ride-and-drive knowledge during a set plcae and “Mastercraft” events, that will underline special
events in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago, mouth-watering prospects to try a “Mastercraft” behind a certain product or qualification that aligns with a Mazda brand.

“Our goal
is to rivet a assembly in an impactful way, in a plcae that’s available and informed to them,” pronounced Russell Wager, clamp boss of selling for Mazda North American Operations,
in a release. “By permitting a business to rivet with a code and a vehicles in an sourroundings that is fun and interactive, we emanate a event for intensity business to experience
our celebrity as a brand.”



The wish is that they will have such a good time during a expostulate knowledge that they will cruise purchasing a Mazda when acid for their next
vehicle, he adds.

Participants of a “Intercept” member will be guided by a city on a query to learn some-more about a car and a singular Mazda pushing experience.
During a tour, participants will learn how a lighter car can make a expostulate some-more fun; that reserve facilities can raise and not pass a pushing experience; how record can assistance support
the pushing experience, not take divided from it; and how Mazda’s Jinba Ittai pushing truth directly translates to a driver’s bland knowledge in a vehicle.

The tour
launched this past weekend in Los Angeles. Future stops embody Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle and San

To follow a journey, and to get present information on pushing opportunities in your area, consumers can revisit Mazda’s interactive Web site during and bond with a amicable review by following Mazda on Facebook or Twitter, using
#MazdaCX5 and #DrivingMatters.

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