Mazda CX-5 examination – an involving and efficient SUV

Since a launch in 2012, a Mazda CX-5 has offering a mix of enchanting handling, neat hatchback-like styling and a unsentimental interior. It might have been a mainstream, high-riding compress SUV, though it valid there could be an component of pushing fun in typical 4x4s.

The latest model, launched 5 years after a original, sticks to a same winning formula. The proportions and detailing will be informed to owners of a aged model, though a bolder, crook and marginally some-more assertive pattern creates it one of a tidiest and large SUVs on a road.

It’s a identical story inside. To give it a some-more reward feel than a approach rivals from Nissan and Ford, there’s a larger use of soft-touch plastics and brushed-metal trim. However, while that means a cabin feels some-more upmarket, it’s hardly any bigger than before. This means that when it comes to practicality, a CX-5 is category opposition rather than category heading – buyers looking to corner forward in a space competition should demeanour to a Skoda Kodiaq, instead.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 in detail

Performance and 0-60 time outline – The CX-5 isn’t expected to win any races, though that’s not unequivocally a indicate of it anyway

Engine and gearbox outline – Mazda’s attempts to urge a SUV’s 2.2-litre diesel engine have done a CX-5 a polished and pleasing drive

Ride and doing outline – Mazda has managed to send some of a pointing and control found in a sports automobile and hatchbacks to a SUV

MPG and using costs outline – With a high physique and high belligerent clearance, a CX-5 doesn’t have a best start in terms of economy, though it still performs well

Interior and tech outline – There’s zero thespian or startling inside a CX-5, though it’s simple, good laid-out and a infotainment complement is a doddle to use

Design outline – The CX-5 combines some of Mazda’s concept-car styling cues with neat proportions and brief overhang to make it one of a many appealing SUVs out there

Prices, specs and rivals

Prices for a Mazda start during £24,895. For that we get a entry-level front-wheel drive, manual, petrol version, while a 2.2 D 175 AWD Sport Nav involuntary – a many dear CX-5 – costs £34,595. That looks a tiny dear until we cruise that a likewise versed VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 190 4Motion will set we behind a not unsubstantial £37,415. By contrast, a some-more unsentimental seven-seat Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI SE L undercuts a VW, though that matches a Mazda during £34,470. And while a Skoda is not utterly as enchanting to drive, it’s tighten adequate that some will scapegoat a splinter of additional compensation behind a circle for a boost in space.

Skoda Kodiaq review

Seat’s Ateca is substantially a usually other small, affordable SUV that can opposition a Mazda for pushing enjoyment. Prices for a Ateca start during an impossibly low £18,675, though it doesn’t take prolonged before it becomes an over £30,000 automobile when we start adding four-wheel drive, a diesel engine and an automobile gearbox.

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